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I just survived the first three months as a twin mom — and so will you! Here are the top ten newborn twin must haves that helped make my life just a little easier.

1. Halo BassiNest twin sleeper

While there are many models of twin bassinets out there, I found this one to be the most convenient. It has a 360-degree swivel, the sides bend down for ease of getting babies out, and it has a fairly slim profile for small spaces. My twins were delivered via C-section, and I found the swivel feature to be extremely helpful for picking babies up during those late-night feeding sessions. We also kept this Simmons twin bassinet in our living room as an easy place for a nap or quick change! Having lots of universal fitted bassinet sheets was helpful, too! 

2. My Brest Friend nursing pillow

Again, there are several twin nursing pillows on the market, but having tried a few, I found this one to be my favorite — mostly because it is very lightweight and portable compared to others. This pillow provides great support for tandem nursing. Many twin moms rave about the Twin Z Pillow — it can be used for nursing, as a lounger, or as a docking spot while bottle feeding.

3. Weego twin baby carrier

I have loved wearing all my babies and was happy to find a solution that worked for my twins. In the early weeks I wrapped them together using my Boba or Solly wraps, but as they got a little bigger and more wiggly, I transitioned to this carrier. It positions both babies in front and is fairly easy to maneuver independently.

4. A double stroller designed for carseats 

I used both my Baby Jogger City Select with the carseat adaptors and the Baby Trend Snap-N-Go double stroller. If you’re brave enough to be out and on the move with newborn twins, having a double stroller is key! I could easily transition the babes from car to stroller to make running errands, taking walks, and other activities much more manageable.

5. Bjorn baby bouncer

There were very few baby items that I felt we’d definitely need two of, but the Bjorn bouncer was one of them. I love the small profile of this bouncer. It folds easily, and you can adjust the angle of the bouncer as the babies start to get bigger and have more interest/ability to be upright. My husband and I mastered what we affectionately called the “double foot bounce” by placing the two bouncers side by side and bouncing the babies with one foot.

6. Portable sound machine

Given we have three older children, our twins spent a lot of time on the go in the first three months. Traveling with a small USB-charging portable sound machine that we could clip onto the stroller, turn on in the car, or use during naps on the go was so helpful. Since we use a sound machine at home for sleep, we find using one on the go helps to signal nap time. It also helps with the noise the babies make — with the sound machine on they are less inclined to wake each other! For a full-size corded sound machine, we really like the Dohm and the Hatch.

7. Preemie/newborn-size clothing

We were lucky that our twins were born full term at 38 weeks, but many twin pregnancies deliver early, so be prepared with preemie and newborn-sized clothing for them. Mine stayed in our favorite Target Cloud Island Sleep ‘n Play one pieces in the newborn size until they were three months old! Be aware that preemie sizes often need to be purchased online, and not all brands carry a preemie size. Also — zippers are everything. Don’t even bother with sleepers that have buttons! When changing twins, quick and easy is key!

8. Ollie Swaddle

We started using the Ollie Swaddle with our third child and had so much success with it that we knew we’d need extras with the twins. I love how simple the design is, and I found the babies to calm easier and sleep longer while in their Ollies. It’s also easy to transition from arms-in-wrap to arms-out-of-wrap once the babies begin showing signs of rolling. Another swaddle we really enjoyed because of the ease of the velcro design was the SwaddleMe.

9. A mobile mama station

With newborn twins, you’ll likely spend a lot of time seated with them. Having everything you need within arms reach is key! I loved using TV tray tables to move around the house as needed. I also used a cart on wheels for some essentials for me (water bottle, chapstick, snacks, nipple balm, deodorant) and babies (extra burp cloths, diapers, wipes, pacifiers).

10. Diapers. (So. Many. Diapers.)

(And wipes, of course!) I read that on average, twins go through 4,000-6,000 diapers in their first year. If you’ll be having a baby shower, register for diapers! Consider diaper subscriptions and brands that offer rewards. Lots of subscriptions, like Hello Bello and Honest, will offer a great discount on your first bundle — use one, then move to another brand! 

Reminder: Your twin gear doesn’t have to be brand new!

When it comes to getting your twin must haves, don’t be afraid to look for gently used items. New baby gear can be super expensive! Given these were my fourth and fifth babies, I was committed to finding a lot of my gear second hand through consignment shops, Facebook twin groups, and Facebook Marketplace. There’s a bigger twin mama network out there than I ever realized, and I was able to find what I needed for a fraction of the full price.

And finally, before you get two of everything, just wait. Some babies love swings; others hate them. Some love to be worn; others may not. Figure out which items your babies like before you dive into owning multiples. These phases go by so quickly, and before you know it you’ll be on to new must-have twin items!

Bottom line: Use whatever helps you survive. You’ve got this, newborn twin mamas!

Dr. Danielle Ricci
Danielle Ricci was lucky enough to grow up in Salisbury, MA with the beach as her playground. Danielle received her B.A. in English and Studio Arts at Stonehill College where she pitched for their softball team. She earned her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and her Ph.D. in Leadership in Schooling from UMass Lowell. Danielle is currently a high school principal where her background as an athlete has helped her to keep the concept of teamwork at the heart of her practice. Her expertise and research is in cultivating collaborative cultures. Danielle currently lives in Merrimac, MA with her husband and five children - Abigail (2015), Grace (2017), Emilia (2020), and twins Madelyn and Ryan (2023)! When she's not juggling life as a working mom, Danielle loves listening to audiobooks, writing, walking, visiting MLB baseball parks, and cold-water exposure - yes, she swims in the Atlantic year-round!