#TruthfulTuesday: Let’s Keep It Real

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If you know me, you know I’m a happy gal. I love smiling, just like Will Ferrell in “Elf.” Because the truth is, I do feel like a room without a roof, because I really actually am happy — Pharrell style.

We all want to find our bliss and be happy. There are books, magazine articles, and so many online tips on finding your happiness. Hell, I even wrote a post about it.

But Oh. My. Goodness.

The pressure to be happy and the keeping up with the Joneses — all while having the picture-perfect lunch box and the coordinated outfits and the magazine-worthy homemade birthday party — can be rather painful to manage. Indeed, parents, the struggle is oh-so real.

After much discussion with my friends (ages ranging from mid twenties to mid sixties), I realized the problem.


(And Instagram, and probably Twitter, though I am not one to tweet.) With all the glossy photos and the fabulous filters, it is so hard to stay happy when you can see that another mom might just be having more fun than you.

But, you know how I said how happy I am? Well, I also pride myself on being real. While I err on the side of optimism, I’m also honest. So let’s dig a little deeper about Fakebook, err… I mean, Facebook.


When you see that picture of your friend’s newborn, perfectly cuddled and photographed in organic fabrics, remember that that baby will poop all over his mom in 5, 4, 3, 2… 1.

And those perfect beach photos? Remind yourself about the absurd effort of slathering sunscreen all over your children, then add the time it took you to prepare the snacks you packed. Oh, and throw in a tantrum or two.

I love seeing all the beautiful offspring of my friends heading off to school with the “first day” signs. But don’t forget to throw in a dose of anxiety for both the kid and the parents.

Every photo of our fabulous lives is beautiful and important to document. My point is this: Look a little closer, and you will see that it is a mess. We are all drowning in laundry, dishes, mail, reading stories, making dinners, brushing teeth. And sometimes it’s fantastic, but sometimes it’s just not. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and my guess is neither would you. However, just because you see that picture-perfect post, don’t forget that it’s a snapshot of the moment when things fell into place.

Let’s just be real with ourselves. Social media is here for many different purposes. I am guilty of using it as a tool to capture my happiest moments — maybe even showing off my delicious children and my life that I love, all while neglecting authenticity. So I propose this.


Let’s do this. Instead of just posting a perfect photo of your perfect life, let’s help each other out and be real.

I will show you my living room with my unfolded laundry, and we will all feel a little bit better about life. Because mamas, I would much rather be around you if you are real. That makes me happy.