Pleasing Picky Palates :: 4 Sources for Toddler Food Inspiration

Raise your hand if your child eats cheesy carbs at least once a day. Just me? I didn’t think so. My son loves grilled cheese, mac and cheese, and, his favorite, black bean quesadillas, but we all know it’s important for all of us to eat a varied diet full of healthy foods. While I try to feed my son what we eat (to mixed results), I also try to make some toddler-friendly foods just for him. Here’s where I go for inspiration:


We love Weelicious for easy recipes we can all enjoy. There is also a handy feature where you can search for a recipe by entering an ingredient and who you are cooking for (say, baby or the entire family). Their weekly emails are chock full of inspiration too.

Veggie dinner strata, courtesy Weelicious.

Easy Toddler Food (Instagram)

I think bento lunches are as cute as the next person, but, let’s be honest, I will probably never make a hard boiled egg look like a fish or carve a Hello Kitty tomato. But, I can totally cut cheddar cheese into a star shape. The Easy Toddler Food Instagram account is run by a real-life mom, and it’s fun and accessible. These meals are geared toward older toddlers and preschoolers.

Afternoon snack ideas, courtesy Easy Toddler Food.

Baby Food Universe (Instagram)

The Baby Food Universe Insta account is where I turn for foodie toddler inspiration. Asparagus frittatas? Sure! Apple, sweet potato, and lentils? Sounds great! This account is also full of great tips like adding frozen puree cubes to hot foods to both cool and flavor them. Genius! (Also, check out Kids Food Universe, run by the same mom, for even more ideas.)

Quinoa cakes, yogurt, and heart-shaped salad, courtesy Baby Food Universe.

Local moms and Facebook groups

My local moms board is also a great source of food ideas. We started a subgroup on Facebook just to talk about dinners and meal planning. The local component is fantastic — I’ve learned so much about toddler-friendly takeout at local restaurants because we can’t always cook at home.

Does my son always gobble up toddler meals? Well, no. But I feel more satisfied if I know I’ve served him something new and interesting. And, if all else fails, just make a green smoothie and hide as many veggies as possible, then pat yourself on the back (while scrolling Instagram for more inspiration for tomorrow).