10 Stay-at-Home Dates You Haven’t Thought of

The first Christmas Mark and I were married, I came up with an elaborate 12 Gifts of Christmas scheme that ended with 12 dates for the next year. They were fun things like doing a reverse progressive dinner around the city – start with desserts and end with drinks – and re-living our first date. The next Christmas, I was 8 months pregnant. As much as I loved the idea of getting out for an extravagant date once a month, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. But c’mon – having a baby can’t be the complete end of romance, right?! So, instead of fun dates out, I created a year of stay-at-home dates. (Plus, let’s face it, when the average babysitter in Boston is pursuing her masters in biomedical engineering, it’s hardly affordable to get her over too often.)

So, get the kiddos to bed, and let’s get creative! Here is some inspiration for a few date nights in with your sweet hubby…

barbies dancing - yellow

  • Black Tie Affair: All dressed up and nowhere to go? I don’t think so! Get dressed up in your favorite gown or LBD and have that dapper man of yours put on his nicest suit. Turn that dimmer down low, light a couple candles, pop your fave slow jams on, and voila! A beautiful night in!
  • Italian Night: Grab a bottle of Chianti, flip on Roman Holiday, and enjoy over a giant bowl of fusilli!
  • Night of Bubbly: Bottle of champagne, bubble bath, bubble wrap, kiddo’s bottle of bubbles…get creative!champagne
  • Create Your Story: Have you two ever taken the time to write down your love story? How did you meet? What did you do for your first date? First kiss? When did you know you wanted to marry each other? Get it on paper. You will cherish it and so will your little ones one day!
  • Living Room Camping: Get out the tent (or a sheet and a staple gun), cook up some s’mores over a candle, and tell ghost stories.
  • Cook Off: Who’s the better cook in your house? Nothing like a little competition to start a fire in the kitchen 😉
  • Grease-movie-p02Sock Hop: Kick those mom shoes off and throw on some good ole Motown.
  • Karaoke Night: Or better known in our house – Sing That One Duet from Moulin Rouge and Drink Too Much Wine Night. Seriously so fun.
  • Spa Night: One of my favorite at home dates with my husband was spent pampering him…bubble bath, facial, and massage. It was tons of fun and relaxing for both of us!
  • Gourmet Night: Here’s one we have never gotten around to but have always wanted to do. Flip through that fancy cookbook your fabulous friend gave you for your wedding – you know the one…it’s collecting dust somewhere because you decided you could never make anything from it – pick something that sounds delicious, then get after it! Even if it’s an epic fail, I’m sure you’ll have a great time attempting a culinary masterpiece!

So, that’s all I have for now. What are some of y’all’s favorite date nights in?


  1. roller skating in the house is a good one. i find that it’s tons of fun to get at yr hubby with yr skates in his face.

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