Are you overwhelmed with too many papers, paintings, collages, and more? It is a lot to deal with when you want a clean and organized house. As an art teacher, I hope students keep every last piece we worked so hard on. However, as a mother and an aspiring neat freak myself, I understand that creating a balance to manage both can be a dilemma.

Handprint-what to do with all my kid's art

As the proud family member you are, I’m sure you want to acknowledge and honor your child’s talents. Of course, choosing a piece to frame for the wall is the best way to do that. There is something so magical and confidence-boosting about seeing your own artwork framed! But for those who do not wish for their house to turn into a full-fledged museum, here are some other ways to celebrate your child’s creativity in a special way.

Choose a favorite and have it transferred to a canvas — it will instantly look professional.

abstract colorful collage

Use your favorite online photo shop in fun ways:

  • Make a phone case with a favorite piece.
  • Make a calendar of your 12 favorite works.
  • Make fabulous notecards courtesy of your mini Picasso.
  • Make a big puzzle of your child’s art for the family to try to solve together.
  • Make a blanket or pillow. This is particularly stylish with an abstract piece of art — and not tacky! Need inspiration? Check out the fabulous style and home blog “Young House Love,” as they did here with a duvet cover designed by their daughter.

crayons lined up

Create a gallery wall with clips or matching frames to make it more chic.

Colorful, bright, and you are instantly a Pinteresting mom.

Host a “one-man” or “one-woman” show.

Have friends and family over, serve some tea and cookies, and hang artwork on the walls. Guests can ask the artist (your child!) about how they made their work and which parts are his or her favorite and why!

Create a stuffed “animal.”

Such fun — artisans will make a personalized doll or stuffed “animal” of the artwork your child made! There are many artists to explore; check out Etsy for some good shops!

 hand drawn dinosaur

Create a piece of jewelry!

What a stylish way to show off your child’s talents! Send your child’s artwork to Formia Design (or another similar company) and they will help you design a piece of jewelry inspired by your child!

Social media time… there are amazing apps out there to archive your child’s art.

I like Art My Kid Made the most and use it with my daughter’s work. It’s so fast to just snap a photo and err… send it to a farm to enjoy the fresh air, we can say.

phone, upload graphic, kids made art
photo courtesy of Art My Kid Made

Make a photo collage.

Take a photo of each work of art that your child made this year, and then make a photo collage and frame that ONE piece for your home.

Your children will be so proud of themselves, and your enthusiasm is priceless. I also suggest you take some time to ask your children about the artwork they made. You could ask about materials, artists they studied, and which parts were challenging and which were fun. Let them share the joy they had making their art!