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I remember getting my first text message. My Nokia didn’t have apps but did have that snake game where you try to not hit the wall or yourself. Now, I have a folder on our iPad for games, for myself and for my son. How many apps do you have on your phone? Social media apps have evolved from just checking everyone’s status or putting a filter on the last meal you ate. With stories and video features, your social media has a life of its own.

Remember Vine (RIP), which was Twitter’s attempt at a short-form video app? Or Dubsmash, where you could lip sync to your favorite song or movie clip? I admit, my husband and I did a Dubsmash from “Frozen,” which I still have saved to my phone because it makes me smile.

If you’re not familiar with either of those apps, it’s probably because TikTok (not the Kesha song) is a combination of them both and more. Short-form or full-on rant length, TikTok content can be everything from advice to complaints to challenges.

For this mom — and lots of others — the TikTok trends can be persuasive! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hooked. Here are a few TikTok videos that got me. Go ahead, what has TikTok made you do?

Dalgona coffee :: 1.6 million views!

The end result of the at-home version of this, while tasty, did not look the way the final product is in the video. Be careful when frothing!

Egg sandwich :: 3.7 million views!

I’ve seen this with waffles, too, but tried it with regular bread and it was pretty easy and delicious.

Sky High Mascara :: 1 million views!

This particular video is from a Maybelline partner, but there are tons of reviews. I almost hate to admit it, but I love this mascara! It was sold out at my local Target, but I bought it on Amazon and it is pretty great.

Center of gravity :: 798K views!

While there is a science behind this, the videos that circulated of family and friends trying this challenge are pretty awesome. Who doesn’t love a good face plant?

Peanut butter dog nail trim :: 485.2K views!

I can’t bring myself to try this because I think I’d look ridiculous. However, my sister-in-law tried it and said it didn’t work very well.

Cheap flights :: 810K views!

I tried this and didn’t see much of a difference in rates from any other site that compares flight options.

Courtney Medlin
Courtney was raised a Navy brat, growing up in Washington, South Carolina, and Virginia before her family put their roots down in Florida. She studied at Loyola University New Orleans earning her degree in communications PR with a minor in English, and she earned her master's in marketing from SNHU. She moved to the Boston area in 2008, where she met and married her partner-in-crime, John. Mother of Jackson, 5, and stepmom to two 16-year-olds (boy and girl) and dog mom to Riley. Courtney is raising her family with a love of the outdoors, scary movies, and lots of laughs. Courtney works corporate communications/marketing/pr and lives on the South Shore. She has a passion for cooking and traveling. She volunteers her time as a Gold Award advisor for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts and serves on the planning gala committee for South Shore Health. She loves days that start with a latte and end with champagne.