We can't wait for SolBe Learning to open this fall in Chestnut Hill!

When considering schools for our young children, we tend to think about what is best for them and fail to take into account the needs of the family as a whole. There is so much more to our choice than what works best for those few hours our children are at school. The school day is much more than the minutes our children are at the physical location — it impacts the whole family. We are really excited about a new early learning center opening in Chestnut Hill this fall, SolBe, which “reimagines traditional notions of childcare and preschool.”

SolBe Learning [sohl-be] is an early learning center that reimagines traditional notions of child care and preschool. The name defines their perspective: “Sol,” from the Spanish word meaning sun, and the English word “be” combine into a name meaning “to be full of light.” Learning is not the filling of a cup, but the lighting of a fire.

What sets SolBe apart is the incredible attention to detail in every aspect of programming, the physical space, and family support. The SolBe team has paid attention to what helps children thrive and has taken several educational approaches in their Spanish-immersion program with a focus on every little thing. They will be offering a mixed-age classroom approach, serving children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. They have so much to offer it’s hard to wrap your head around! I was lucky enough to tour the facility and meet some of the incredible staff at SolBe. I was blown away by how passionate they all are about what SolBe is and how excited they are for this facility to open. And with good reason. Here are just some of the great things SolBe will be offering starting this fall:

☀ There will be a seed-to-table nutrition program, and students will be offered breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day. Not only that, the students will help prepare their meals and learn more about their food and where it comes from.

☀ The program will be all inclusive and will provide diapers and wipes, bottles and formula, and safe nap mats for all children. These are all things parents will no longer have to worry about (both financially and the emotional burden).  

☀ The curriculum will be immersive and rooted in Montessori and Reggio Emilia. Children will be a part of every aspect of learning.

☀ Families will be a focus. From dedicated spaces at dropoff and pickup for mingling and relaxing to family- and parent-focused events, all families will have a voice at SolBe and will be encouraged to use it!

☀ Employees will have continual opportunities for growth and dedicated spaces to collaborate, relax, and plan, which will allow them to fully focus on the children.

☀ The space is bright, colorful, cheerful, creative, and fun! Rooms will be uniquely shaped and decorated, there will be creative dedicated spaces, plus plants everywhere (which the children will help tend to). And safety is imperative!

☀ SolBe is currently looking for Founding Families to start this fall and help shape the program!

Schedule a tour now. SolBe is on track to open this fall! Families who are intrigued by SolBe’s vision can sign up for progress updates on SolBe’s website or call to schedule a tour of the space at 617-794-1189.

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