Photo credit Smitten Kitchen

A short list of things my son has done when overtaken by hunger:

  • Tried to ride his bike into a parking lot to escape me
  • Scream that he’s starving while simultaneously screaming he absolutely, 100% does NOT want to go home to eat
  • Lay on the ground and refuse to move
  • Pretend to eat his shoes, coat, hat, or bike helmet

Basically, the hanger is real. And while we can’t avoid all hunger-related meltdowns, I do try to make sure he has a protein-packed breakfast so we can (at least) make it through the morning. Cereal and toast won’t cut it. Scrambled eggs are great, but we crave variety and special breakfasts, too. Here are our favorites:

Healthy protein waffles from Damn Delicious

These waffles are a little bland on their own and need a topping of some kind, but quick chia jam is easy to make and full of fiber. And waffles freeze so well, so we always have a batch on hand to pull out on busy mornings.

Chocolate protein muffins from KitchenWise

I always halve this recipe and it still makes two dozen. My son goes gaga over having chocolate (!) for breakfast (!!) and I love that these muffins have some of the best texture of non-wheat muffins I’ve tried. So moist and delicious.

Chocolate Dutch baby from Smitten Kitchen

This is another winner in our house, because chocolate for breakfast, duh. My husband and I love the salty, chewy, buttery edges of this dish and often make a non-chocolate version with cinnamon and cardamom or fresh mint. Be forewarned, though, unless you add a side of fruit and yogurt, our family of four can eat two Dutch babies in minutes. 

Double almond poppyseed bread from K Sarah Designs

My husband is an almond fanatic and this is an easy make-ahead loaf bread for quick breakfasts or snacks. It pairs very well with a latte, and it feels like you are at a fancy coffee shop savoring your breakfast… until you step on a Lego. But, hey, at least you have a yummy breakfast.