child wearing headphones and holding iPad (YouTube channels for kids)Years ago, we had a very strict “no YouTube” rule in our home. Our then 2-year-old was a victim of the “Momo murders Peppa Pig” fiasco, and the scare made us evaluate whether YouTube was appropriate to use with a toddler. At the time, it was not.

As my daughter has grown, I’ve had to re-think this approach. During remote schooling and the pandemic chaos, avoiding YouTube was no longer feasible. And after much soul-searching, I finally did some research on “safe” YouTube channels for kids of all ages. The results were astoundingly plentiful and diverse. There are so many quality kid videos out there!

Please keep in mind that what’s right for my family may not be what’s right for yours. I do not guarantee that all these videos will 100% meet your family’s viewing standards, and I strongly suggest previewing them before your kids watch them.   

Here are our family’s favorite YouTube kids channels: 

Cosmic Kids Yoga 

Cosmic Kids Yoga is one of the pillars of my sanity. Yoga helps regulate my kiddo’s nervous system and gives her a positive way to “get her anxieties out” non-verbally. There is a fun and silly theme to each video, a captivating storyline, and some really great authentic but kid-friendly yoga poses.


GoNoodle YouTube channel GoNoodle is a GREAT channel for “brain breaks” when the sillies, wiggles, or frustrated feelings take over. They’re funny, interactive, and plentiful. There is a mix of movie themes, mindfulness activities, and silly dances that make GoNoodle a hit for just about everyone. Right now, we’re really into their deep breathing videos!

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic YouTube channel for kidsThere are so many mini-series inside this one channel, it could entertain my kiddo for many, many years. They feature exploration videos, a “Best Job Ever!” series, “Weird but True!” videos, “Amazing Animals” shorts, and my daughter’s current favorite, the National Geographic/Barbie collaboratives. They’re captivating enough to get me to sit down and watch too!

Sesame Studios

Sesame Studios YouTube channel for kids From the makers of Sesame Street, these short videos are great for a preschool audience. There are short movement breakdances, nursery rhymes, and other endearing videos about feelings, sharing, and animals. In a pinch, I can always count on these videos to be age-appropriate, silly, and fun.

PBS Kids

This one almost goes without saying, but it’s just too good not to share. Between Daniel Tiger, Sesame Street, Arthur, Clifford, and the “Read-Along with PBS Kids” series, we use this channel daily. It’s innovative, educational, and safe for kids, and I prefer this channel for my kiddo above all other TV!


One of the biggest reasons I love TedEd is because it caters to such a wide audience. I adore these videos and find them not only entertaining but also educational. They have videos for younger and older elementary school students, along with more advanced ones for the middle and high school audience. If you really look, you can find a video about virtually any topic you’re interested in!

Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids has one of my favorite series for kids on YouTube — “The Engineering Process.” They brand themselves as “science with a side of awesome” and have their channel broken down into different categories, like Earth science, life science, physical science, and space science. This channel is perfect for the science avoider and the science lover alike.

SciShow Kids

SciShow Kids is another amazing channel for little STEM lovers. They have an awesome “experiments” sub-section that encourages hands-on learning with relatively easy-to-find ingredients. I can always count on this channel to be appropriate, interesting, and engaging. The videos are on the brief side — between four and seven minutes on average — and are perfect for little minds!

Art for Kids Hub

Art for Kids Hub is run by a family of six who love to create art together. It primarily features drawing tutorials and is perfect for any age range. They draw cute cartoons like heart flowers, community helpers, animals, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Right now our favorite is the “preschool art lessons” uploads — my child always feels very proud of what she draws!

The Artful Parent

This channel is maybe more for parents than kids, but it has a great variety of arts and crafts activities for kids of all ages and skill levels. They range from simple to more elaborate and can go along with homeschool lessons. You can easily find something you and your kiddo will enjoy, no matter what they’re passionate about!

Chelsey Weaver
Chelsey is a "central Mass" girl who married her 7th-grade sweetheart. She attended both undergraduate and graduate school in Boston, then taught high school on the North Shore for seven years. After living in Winchester and Melrose for several years (and moving too many times), she and her husband finally settled in Groveland in 2015. She loves the North Shore and everything it has to offer, and she enjoys raising her daughter there. Chelsey is the community engagement coordinator for Boston Moms and is mostly a stay-at-home mom. She spends lots of time advocating for children with disabilities, arguing with insurance companies, and looking for disabled influencers, inclusive companies, and materials that celebrate neurodiversity. She avidly listens to audiobooks, hates everything about coffee, and, most importantly, loves being a mom.