soccer moms — Boston moms who play soccer in adult soccer leagues in BostonAs a mom, I’m guessing you’ve spent countless hours on the sidelines of sporting events, cheering on your child regardless of the weather.

I’ve had the opportunity to coach my son’s youth soccer team for the last several years, but I am also among a growing number of moms who PLAY soccer! I’ve been playing recreationally for more than 20 years now — long before I became a mom — and I have to say, I’m addicted. Whether you are brand new to soccer or haven’t laced up a pair of cleats since high school, I highly recommend it! Why sit on the sidelines when you can actually play?!

Soccer has been something over the years that has saved my sanity. 

Whether it’s a pickup game on a brisk Sunday morning or a more competitive league game on a weeknight, the friendships and soccer community I belong to are incredible. Most of us are moms, and all of us share a common love of soccer and staying fit as we get older. Soccer time is “me” time. I am able to focus solely on the game, and not the million other things I have going on in my life — parenting responsibilities, work, or kitchen renovations. My mind is clear and on the game. Soccer is great for fitness but also stress relief. I’ve never been much of a runner, but I certainly feel those endorphins kick in after a soccer game!

As a busy mom, It’s never too late to take up a sport. 

Soccer is mine, but there are softball, tennis, pickleball, golf, and other women’s leagues in Greater Boston waiting for you. Call it self-care and thank me later. It’s the only time in my week that’s completely to myself. And I don’t feel guilty for it. I come home from soccer happy and know that I’m taking care of my body as well. Recently, my team had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to South Africa to play in a tournament for older women! We spent time with the amazing people there while sharing our love for soccer, playing and laughing together, and enjoying each other’s company despite language barriers. Soccer unites and transcends barriers as well.

If you’re interested (don’t worry about being out of shape!), there are many options for women to play soccer in greater Boston, whether it be in a formal league or a pickup game.

I play in the Eastern Mass Women’s Soccer League (EMWSL), but there are also the Massachusetts Suburban Women’s Soccer League and the Boston Ski & Sports Club (co-ed). The Bay State Breakers are going strong with teams for women over 50, over 60, and even over 70! If you’re looking for indoor soccer, there are leagues at TeamWorks in Acton, Danvers Indoor Sports, and The Edge Sports Center in Bedford.

In my town of Arlington, we started AGULS (Arlington Grown Up Ladies Soccer), a group of soccer moms who attend their kids games on the weekends and get together once a week to play our own pickup games. We have some women who have never played before, so it’s never too late. If you search in your area or on a local town Facebook page, you can most likely find some women’s pickup games going on. 

I am a role model for my son and am proud to be a soccer mom — in every sense! 

Cheryl Mastrogiovanni
Cheryl is a native of Salem, MA, and now resides in Arlington with her husband and son. A graduate of Boston College, she has been a high school counselor for over 20 years and enjoys helping seniors navigate the college application process. A lifelong Boston Bruins fan, Cheryl began attending hockey games with her father in the original Boston Garden at the age of 8, a tradition she is now sharing with her son. Cheryl published a children’s picture book about the Bruins, and is also passionate about soccer, Cape Cod, all things Italian, and spending time with her family. As much as she loves to travel, she equally loves coming home. Loves: playing soccer on the weekends, GOOD pizza, hot summer nights, '80s music, sneakers, and being organized Dislikes: long meetings, loud noises, messiness