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We all break some parenting rules here and there so we can get by, right?

For one, don’t talk to me in the morning. I’m not a fan of mornings, so I’ll break all sorts of household rules to get my kids out the door, teeth brushed and presentable. When I’m desperate and my girls want to watch a video on YouTube during breakfast? Go for it!

Before I had kids I spoke often of my need for sleep and being alone in my own space. Reality? Co-sleeping — yes, that happened.


What about a little afternoon romp on the bed to jump a bit? My little monkeys sure do enjoy a jump or two, and I cannot bear to say a firm no as of yet.


Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.34.03 PM

Bedtime can be rough, too. Extra stories? Fine! My 2-year-old (going on 16) demanding to wear a dress to bed? Go crazy, you little goof girl. Whatever.



But dinner time? No breaking rules allowed, because dinner is my happy place. While probably a real pain for most women since the dawn of time, for me, it’s the best part of the day.

I love every little thing about dinner. I love listening to my husband play with the kids while I cook and unwind. I love that we involve our children in tending our garden and in cooking the meal. I love the bonding while we eat, create family traditions, talk, and reflect upon our days.







Our family dinner is a representation of what we value. It is a daily opportunity and practice of our connection, our time, our health, our creativity, and our family being together. Our family dinner is our anchor from a busy, crazy, colorful world around us. It provides space and time to just be us.


So when Leah came over and took photos, everything felt kinda flawless. My husband and I reflected on this amazing photo session (which I totally recommend beyond words — the only odd part was that Leah didn’t sit down and eat with us!). We thought about it and found that this is what life is like for us. Sure, we have the requisite tantrums, moments of challenges, and more, but most of the time, it’s not like that.


We come hungry, we play fun family games, we have good conversation, we eat healthy food, and we laugh together.


But even with this dreamy dinner tradition we savor, we do break some rules, too — eating straight out of the salad bowl. Because, seriously, who says no when their child asks to do that?!


Leah LaRiccia is a documentary family photographer based in Natick who is forever grateful that she got to turn her passion for photography into her job. She loves that her work lets her meet new people all the time, and she loves even more that these people allow her into their lives and trust her to tell their stories.

Leah met her husband when they were both living in New York City. She misses it terribly (mostly the food and theater) but doesn’t think she could live there again. Leah is mom (or “ma!” or “mommeeeeee!”) to an amazing 4-year-old boy who is her best friend. They love to play good guys vs. bad guys, free build with “little Legos,” eat meals on their deck, and make each other laugh.

Leah’s been a Star Wars fan since she was little (before it was cool to be one), didn’t start baking until her 30s (and hasn’t stopped since), hates dressing up, and wishes everybody (including herself) would print more photos.


  1. I love this! Your house (and family) are gorgeous! My favorite blog posts to read are ones that glimpse into the everyday of others lives & routines! Beautiful photos

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