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September means fresh starts, new routines, and back to school (even though I don’t have school-aged children yet). I love summer and the lazy, relaxed days filled with too much sunshine, too much ice cream, and not a lot of structure. But by the end of July each year, I’m yearning for a bit of a return to routine and normalcy. 

Now that we have two children and more to accomplish each day (classes, regular nutritious meals, and early bedtimes — oh my!), I am having to be increasingly intentional about fitting everything into our days. Unfortunately, the kids never stop making noise, asking me to come see the latest thing they’ve built/colored/poured water on, and I feel like I’m just keeping my head above water running our household, managing their needs, and, oh yeah, tending to myself as well.

So, I’m escaping. Forever! Just kidding. I’m going to escape for a morning to my local coffee shop and spend a few hours in blissful quiet taking time to set some personal and family goals and do the pesky things I KNOW will help our family run better, but I never get around to doing. Here’s my plan:

1. Sit in quiet (with a treat)

Indulge in a hot beverage and a pastry I wouldn’t want to share with my children. Sit in quiet while I eat it and just let my brain empty.

2. Work on three tasks

Take care of three nagging tasks that will make our lives run smoother. For me, that’s 1) creating a monthly meal plan and shopping plan, 2) brainstorming a plan for how and when I will get regular time away, and 3) reviewing our finances, financial goals, and progress.

3. Do something for me

Do something just for me, like read a book for 30 minutes, listen to a podcast, or watch a Youtube video that’s been in my queue way too long.

I’ve toyed with the idea of inviting a friend along so we can work side by side. Sometimes I escape with my husband to have a life admin meeting together. However you do it (and whatever your focus is) it’s important to take time away from the day-to-day execution of running a family to step back a little, put plans in place, and take time for yourself.