As we get older and older (and more and more tired!), the thought of spending a girls’ night out at a bar drinking and chatting seems a bit draining. Instead, we prefer conversation, a more intimate group, and often doing something productive. You can only do so many paintings that are never going on your wall, but a keepsake wooden sign that’s just right for your family is definitely worth spending a few hours with your girlfriends for!

The Boston Moms Blog team recently had a contributor night with Wicked Rustic Workshops. It’s owned by two local moms who were looking for something fun to do to get out of the house a few nights a week. What started small has grown into a fantastic company that brings interactive workshops to people all over the area, does fundraisers to help support your community, and makes everyone feel like an artist.

We were all really surprised with how easy it was to create our own signs, and we were all able to put our own special touches on them. Our team picked three options from the Design Gallery, then we individually decided which sign was right for us from those three choices. Laura and Kristen created stencils for each one of us, so they were personalized to our own needs — family name, initials, or whatever we wanted. They took the time to walk us through the amazingly easy process, teaching us how to paint our boards, add the stencils to limit any bleeding, and paint the design just right. We could distress the base coat as much as we liked (to make the signs as rustic looking as possible), choose from over a dozen different shades of chalk paint, and place our stencils however we wanted.

It was a great way to make something fun, personal, and uniquely one of a kind! Check out our masterpieces!

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