mom and baby yogaBefore I had my son, I was a regular at my local hot yoga studio. Nothing felt as good to me as entering a 100 degree room and flowing and sweating for the next 75 minutes. But then I got pregnant, and my OB advised steering clear of the heated room. And after my son was born I just couldn’t seem to make journeying to the studio a priority. However, it was still a priority of mine to move and bend and flex often. For the first 18 months, my son would regularly sit on me when I tried to practice at home (frustrating!), but then something clicked and now he loves practicing yoga (almost) as much as I do. You can find him most afternoons rolling out his mat and standing in a warrior pose.

However, he is still a 2-year-old who comes equipped with occasionally unpredictable moods and attention spans, so I prefer the flexibility of free yoga at home. If we finish a class, great! And if not, at least we tried. Here are our favorites:

Yoga Studio

Hands down, this is my favorite yoga app because you can link up your favorite poses to create a practice of any length with any focus. The app comes loaded with pre-made routines as well. I stream the routines on my iPhone or iPad, but they’ve recently added an Apple TV app as well. Awesome!

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is a fantastic instructor if you’re just starting out, but she throws in challenging poses, too, if you are more seasoned. Regardless of your skill level, I enjoy spending 30 minutes with her daily because she’s so upbeat and cheerful. Her 30-days series are great for developing a consistent yoga practice at home.

Do Yoga With Me

If you’re looking for a variety of styles, instructors, lengths, and levels, Do Yoga With Me is a great one-stop shop.

Tara Stiles

For very hip yoga, look no further than Tara Stiles. She’s known for cultivating fun and playfulness in her poses, and she is the current darling of the yoga world. Be forewarned: Her free videos are fairly short, but upgrading to the full-length videos is quite affordable.

Yoga Journal

If you’re the type of yogi who loves mastering poses and precision, Yoga Journal is the site for you. Their videos focus mainly on individual poses and laying a good foundation before branching out. They are more technical in nature than other videos, however, and use lots of Sanskrit phrases.

Cosmic Kids

If you have a day where you just need to get the wiggles out or let your children be the focus of the practice, Cosmic Kids is the way to go. It’s not the most hardcore workout for the adults, but it’s a fun intro to yoga for the little ones.