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With three kids under 6, I find myself looking for parenting advice wherever I can get it. I have a lot of parenting books on my to-read list. But it’s hard to get ahead of the reading when I fall asleep in a child’s bed at 8:30 p.m. every night. Podcasts have become the way I get a lot of my parenting information these days. You can spend all that time in the car in a useful way! Here are some of the parenting podcasts the Boston Moms team is listening to:

The Longest Shortest Time

This award-winning podcast created by Hillary Frank touts itself as a parenting show for everyone. And it is. These unique stories demonstrate that there is a wide world of parenting that goes far beyond our individual experiences.

Mom Brain

Hosted by Daphne Oz (daughter of Dr. Oz) and Hilaria Baldwin (wife of Alec), this podcast offers frank discussions about being a mom with a wide variety of diverse guests. It is often serious, at times funny, and always honest. Daphne and Hilaria also share their “favorite things” at the end of every episode.

Raising Good Humans with Dr. Aliza Pressman

Dr. Aliza is a developmental psychologist and parent educator. I’ve found that each of her podcasts are spot on and help me to learn to be the parent I aspire to be. If you find yourself reading a lot of parenting books and thinking, “I wish someone would just boil this down for me,” then this is the podcast for you. Dr. Aliza also takes listener questions via her Instagram account!

Power of Moms

This podcast started small but has grown over the years with the help of a group of volunteer moms. The discussions and interviews are meant to help moms find more purpose and joy in motherhood. Also, check out the spin-off Power of Families.

3 in 30

A gem for moms who are short on time. (Isn’t that all of us?) This is a 30-minute podcast that has “three doable takeaways to make your family life a little better each week.” You can also get the takeaways each month via email, if you listen to your podcasts in the car like I do!

Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Amy’s Happy Mama brand focuses on defining who we are and how we navigate motherhood in this world of social media and heavy expectations. This podcast includes interviews and insights that focus on mindfulness and connection.


Each episode of this podcast features an expert in self-development or well-being, with the intention of helping moms find their “calm, happy place in the madness of modern mum life.”

Never Thought I’d Say This

One of the hosts of this podcast is Jodie Sweetin, who plays the role of Stephanie Tanner on Fuller House. She and her cohost, life coach Celia Behar, talk about parenting fails, taboos, and embarrassing moments. Listen if you need a laugh. (It’s heavy on the swearing, so tune in when you’re kids aren’t around!)

Happy listening, everyone! If you have any favorite parenting podcasts, let us know!


Rachel Wilson
Rachel is a native of the West Coast and didn't know that her straight hair could frizz until she made the move East! After earning a Master of Environmental Management from Yale, she moved to Boston for a job opportunity and, on her first Saturday night in the city, met the man who would become her husband. They married in 2012 and are learning more every day about how to be parents to daughters Annabel (2013) and Eleanor (2016). Rachel and her family recently relocated from Charlestown to the Metrowest suburbs and are enjoying their yard, but dislike shoveling snow from their driveway. Rachel currently works as an energy and environmental consultant, and wore Birkenstocks before they were trendy. Likes: her family, her in-laws, cooking ambitious meals and leaving the dishes for someone else, hiking, running, yoga, climbing mountains, reading books, farmers' markets and her CSA, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, the sound of her daughters' laughter, and coffee Dislikes: running out of milk, New England winters, diaper rash, wastefulness, cell phones at the dinner table