One of the funniest memes I’ve come across recently comes from the “Reasons My Son Is Crying” website. The reason this site is so freaking funny is because every mom who has ever parented a toddler knows exactly what this mom and others are going through. It’s so relatable — and so ridiculous at the same time! 

Well, I decided to update this popular meme by graduating it to tweens. Please validate me by telling me I’m not alone in this. (Pretty please?) I’m hoping we can keep this list going in the comments section below, where each of you can tell me why YOUR tween is rolling his or her eyes at you today.

Here are mine:

10 reasons why my tween is rolling her eyes at me

1. I asked her how her day was

2. I told her she was going to be late for the bus if she didn’t stop brushing her hair

3. I asked her what she wanted for dinner

4. I asked her what her favorite subject at school was

5. She found me getting dressed mid-bra hook

6. I told her it had been almost five days since she’d showered

7. I pronounced the name of her friend incorrectly

8. I’m driving slower than Daddy does

9. I asked her for a hug

10. I asked her to remove her crumpled up gum wrappers off the floor

Over to you!


Jenny Berk
Jenny is a crass and pushy (read = sweet) native New Yorker who has always had a penchant for New England, after attending Brandeis for 4 years, but especially so after meeting her husband Barry, who also happened to live in Boston. After marrying, and creating 3 awesome daughters - ages, 11, 8 and 6 - she and her husband moved to Needham and love it there! Jenny is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Mindful Eating Instructor and Wellness blogger. She loves writing about how Mom's can navigate and prioritize their health and positive body image after having children. When she's not trying to figure out how the heck to parent a tween, She can be found blogging at the Huffington Post, (healthy living section) and on her site www.jennyedencoaching.com. Heck yes! - mindfulness, kettlebells, body acceptance, yoga, traveling the word and eating decadent and unctuous (vegetarian) food. No way, man! - arthritis at 40, allergies to anything, animal cruelty, waiting in line.