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Are you a parent who isn’t sure if your family is complete? Maybe you’re a family who is holding on to baby equipment “just in case”, or to hand down to family or friends when they need it. Perhaps you just haven’t gotten around to donating or selling what you no longer use?

If this is you, we have some news: Your unused baby equipment can make you money! Here’s how.

Download Keenee and list the items acquiring dust in your home for RENT! Keenee is a virtual marketplace for renting items to and from other community members. Like AirBnB but for “stuff”, Keenee allows for community members to list items for rent locally. Do you have an umbrella stroller in the garage that you aren’t currently using? Perhaps someone in your town needs a stroller for a quick trip and would prefer to rent vs. buy one! Is there a high chair in your basement not currently in use? Perhaps a Grandma locally is having her grandkids come visit and needs a temporary high chair solution! The opportunities are honestly endless.

Have we convinced you? Take these easy steps to register to become a Keenee provider and start earning money now!

  1. Download the Keenee app
  2. Click “Offer & Earn”
  3. Choose wether to sign up with Facebook or Apple or to sign up with email and a password.
  4. Click “Add Your Listing”
  5. Select a category and fill out the information about the product or service you are listing for rent. Do your best to be as specific as possible so that your renter really understands what they are renting!
  6. Add your rental terms. Keenee allows for you to set a time based price (day, week etc), use restrictions, and any dates you do not want your item available..
  7. Select whether your item is available for pickup or delivery, and list a deposit amount OR select to secure your item with Keenee insurance (we recommend this – it’s a great way to rent without the restriction of a deposit!). 
  8. Upload your listing and prepare to receive a rental request + earn some passive income on items in your home!

make money with your unused baby gear by becoming a keenee provider

Boston Moms is excited to see how Keenee transforms the sharing economy in Greater Boston and beyond, and we encourage you to check it out for yourself by downloading the app today!

LIMITED TIME INCENTIVE: Register to become a Keenee provider before August 16th and you’ll be entered to win a $500 Amazon gift card! Go, go go!

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