barre3 needham outsideWe had such a fun Mom’s Night Out Thursday night thanks to the lovely ladies at barre3 in Needham!  First, what is barre3?  From the website:

“Anyone can do this low-impact sequence and see dramatic results. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 75, if you’re a turbo athlete or you haven’t worked out in years, if you have back pain or a knee injury, if you’re pregnant or just had a baby. No matter who you are, barre3 will help you lose weight, build strength, and transform your entire body.”

Sounds fun, right?

The ladies greeted us with big smiles and upbeat attitudes and got us all ready to go.  They set us all up with the appropriate equipment, checked to be sure there were no injuries to worry about, explained there would be modifications, then got us ready to “shake and quake.”  Throughout our hour long class we did isometric holds, controlled 1 inch movements, stretching, high rep weights and lots of great core work.  There were modifications for every one (including the ladies with sweet pregnant bellies) and we worked hard!

boston moms blog barre3 class boston moms blog barre3 class boston moms blog barre3 classAs a crossfitter who loves lifting heavy weights, I didn’t think doing a workout with 1 or 2 lb dumbbells was going to be so hard, but man was I surprised!  Those movements are so slow and controlled, that you truly feel it in every part of your muscles.  Believe me when I say walking was hard for a few days after class!  Our instructor Natasha was upbeat, helpful and lots of fun!  She demonstrated every move, walked around and made adjustments and suggestions when needed, and clearly really loves her job.  She’ll be teaching on Thursdays at 7, you have to check out her class!  One thing she said regarding modifications that really stuck with me:

This is an option, not a challenge.

I really needed to hear that.  My competitive nature gets the best of me, it’s nice to have a reminder to calm it down!

boston moms blog barre3 class

After class we headed out to the lobby for some wine and cupcakes!  We had a variety of wines from Needham Center Fine Wines including a sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, rose and prosecco.  We kept it very casual and mostly talked about how little we know about wine!  Treat Cupcake Bar treated us to some of their amazing mini cupcakes.  So many flavors and options!  Sarah was careful to include gluten free cupcakes for us as well.  There wasn’t a single one left!  Fact: I’ve never met a Treat cupcake I didn’t like.

cupcakes fromTreats cupcakes from Treat and wine
We chatted and mingled and even did a little bit of shopping.  barre3 has some adorable clothes, sticky “toe” socks, glass water bottles and jewelry.  We enjoyed 20% off and I know I took advantage of it!  barre3 also provided all of the ladies with tote bags and Pura Vida bracelets!

barre3 bag and bracelets
Liz (the owner) also told us about how supportive barre3 is for moms.  They offer a Baby Bounce Back program for moms, and babysitting right on site (which is HUGE).  Be sure to check them out, get on a good sweat and get ready to work that booty!

Thank you tobarre3 in NeedhamTreat Cupcake Bar and Needham Center Fine Wines for a fantastic night out!


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