Pre-kids, weekends were times to sleep in, grab a late morning coffee, wander a bit until stumbling upon a restaurant for brunch, and then maybe take a nap or visit a bookstore before venturing out again for a nice dinner. Not anymore. Post-kids, my husband and I still crave the ritual of a weekend breakfast out, but now we have other factors to consider — like kid-friendly food, noise level, and toddler disposition. Here are our favorite toddler-friendly breakfast places in Cambridge and Somerville (you know, Camberville) to try this weekend.

Ball Square Cafe

When we’re craving classic diner food, nothing beats Ball Square Cafe. Yes, there is a line later in the morning, but if you are up with the sun (thanks, toddler) then there is no wait! The staff is easily the friendliest I have ever encountered, and the food is delicious. They are always quick to bring out a fruit plate for our son, and he never turns down scrambled eggs and bacon. We all leave stuffed.

The Biscuit

Some mornings, our son is just too excited to sit still in a restaurant. On those days we bike over to The Biscuit, grab our scones and coffee to go, and head around the corner to Perry Park. We can almost pretend we’re on a breakfast date while we hang out and watch our son play.

Bloc11 and Union Square Donuts

If you find yourself needing to eat breakfast with a toddler and a dog, nothing beats the patio at Bloc11 in Union Square. Send someone across the street to Union Square Donuts while you pick up the coffee and breakfast sandwiches. After breakfast, Walnut Street Park is just two blocks away, or on Saturdays you can visit the farmers market for delicious produce.

Hi-Rise Bread Company

There are few things I love more than a good bakery. Yes, Hi-Rise‘s delicious sandwiches and baked goods are served with a side of pretension, but the place is crawling with children, the people watching can’t be beat, and their toast is the best I’ve ever had (especially decadent paired with an almond milk hot chocolate).

Full Moon

Full Moon is the restaurant every parent dreams of. The food is delicious, and children are treated as a part of the family to be embraced — not placated — during a meal. The kids’ menu features real, delicious food (like chicken fingers you don’t feel guilty about serving), and there is a dedicated play space for the littles to enjoy if you’d like to savor your breakfast long after they’ve scarfed down a pancake.

Do you love weekend breakfast, too? What are the best spots in your neighborhood?