buffalo in bostonWhen we go out to eat, I love to order Buffalo anything — tenders, mac and cheese, nachos, even cauliflower! For many, Buffalo isn’t Buffalo outside of New York. The spicy sauce gets its origins there, but it has spread across the country, and across foods! I know where to get my favorites, but I recently went to Facebook and crowd-sourced for local restaurants I should try. Here are some of my favorite places to get Buffalo in Boston, along with a few extras suggested by my friends. 

Buffalo chicken wings and tenders

The Fowler House in Quincy and Woody’s (near Fenway) come highly recommended from many friends. The Fat Cat in Quincy is definitely our go to — I’ve heard the owners are originally from Buffalo, making their wings that much more authentic! Another recommendation came in for Chapin’s Fish n’ Chips in Dennis Port — that will definitely be on our list for this summer. When we aren’t interested in traveling too far, we always head to the 99 their tenders are tasty and reliable!

Buffalo nachos

When it comes to Buffalo nachos in Boston, there are none better, in my humble opinion, than the ones from The Fours in Quincy (there’s also a location in Norwell). The crispy tortilla chips are baked with tomatoes, scallions, and mozzarella cheese then topped with diced fried chicken and Buffalo sauce, and I order it every time we visit. I haven’t tried their Buffalo rangoon or their Buffalo dip, but I hear they are pretty amazing as well. On my list of places to try are The Bowery Bar in Dorchester, Coop’s Bar & Grille in Quincy, and Lucy’s in Dorchester.

Buffalo chicken dip

I received some pretty solid recommendations to try Southside Tavern in Braintree, Cask N’ Flagon in Boston and Marshfield, Alumni in Hanover, and Stoneforge in Easton and Raynham. I’ve also tried the dip at Abington Ale House and highly recommend it. Their menu reads, “Share an order of our spicy, thick, three cheese dip loaded with diced white meat chicken, served with celery sticks, carrot sticks, and tortilla chips.” Not sure how I feel about the sharing part, but the rest of it is accurate!

Buffalo chicken pizza/calzone

Town Spa in Stoughton, Old Railroad Cafe in Quincy, Bravo Pizzeria in Quincy, Cape Cod Cafe in Brockton, and Bardo’s Pizza in Dorchester were all highly recommended. I am partial to the pizza from Emma’s in Bridgewater and the calzone from Pizza Connection in Quincy. For a great gluten-free option, my friend suggests David’s Pizza in Quincy. It’s all about the perfect ratio of Buffalo sauce, chicken, cheese, and crust. 

Buffalo cauliflower

I am a huge fan of cauliflower and a huge fan of Buffalo — marrying the two is perfection! When we go out for family dinners, we often hit up Barrets in West Bridgewater (it has the fun game room for the kids!). There are also locations in Bridgewater and Fall River. They have bang bang cauliflower on the menu, but if you ask for it with Buffalo sauce, they usually oblige — and it is delicious. Another favorite location is Abby Park in East Milton Square. Their Buffalo cauliflower has a much lighter breading and is so very tasty!

Extra credit

One of my former students mentioned that Coffee Break Cafe has Buffalo chicken cream cheese. The next time I stop for a bagel, I know what I’m trying!

Now that you know my top places, where do you get your favorite Buffalo in Boston?

Sarah Casimiro
Sarah grew up in Rhode Island and now lives in West Bridgewater, making brief stops in Quincy, Fall River, and East Bridgewater, along the way. She made the leap from Rhode Island to Massachusetts way back in 1999 when she decided to pursue a teaching degree at Boston University. She chose her career in 1987 and is currently teaching high school English to 10th and 12th graders, fulfilling a 6-year-old’s dream at the age of 22, a proclamation that often brings forth snickers from her students. She became a mother for the first time in 2016 to her daughter Cecilia, then doubled down in late 2018 with the birth of her second daughter, Adelaide. She currently lives with her husband, Jason, their dog, Nanook, their cat, Moxie, and five chickens. They share a home with her parents, who live above them and also provide the most amazing childcare for Ceci and Addie. Sarah couldn’t live without her family, her insulin pump (shout out to other T1D mamas), and Starbucks iced chai lattes. She could live without angry people, essay grading, and diaper changing.