I love music. Whether I need a pick me up or a soundtrack to get me through the workday, music moves me. When I’m washing dishes, I crank up EDM. When I want to chill, I listen to acoustic singer-songwriters. When I’m lifting in the gym, punk music gets me amped for training. There is always a song readily available to match my current vibe or the one I’m seeking to reach.

Music is my secret weapon. Research has shown listening to music stimulates the brain by increasing dopamine and, in turn, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. We can put the power of music to good use by letting it help us reach our goals.

Enter the ultimate power playlist. As goal-oriented powerhouse women who want to take over the world (or maybe that’s just me… anybody?), we can be plagued with a lack of self-confidence. It has been reported that up to 79% of women feel they lack confidence at work or in other key areas in life. One of the ways I work to increase my confidence is through music. This may seem like a small action, but it pays off big in the end for me.

I’ve created a playlist of songs that I lean on in moments when I need that extra boost — just to get me over the hump in that moment. When I’m in need of confidence, I’m blasting Kesha, Lizzo, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, or Kelly Clarkson, just to name a few of my favorite sassy and strong females artists. I can’t lie. It gets me pumped every time. Move out the way, world, because I’m coming!

Big meeting in an hour? Play your ultimate power playlist. Writing your first business plan for your passion project? Crank up your ultimate power playlist to 10. Find songs that inspire you. Find songs that make you energetic. Find songs that make you feel invincible. Everyone’s playlist may be different, but none will have the same impact as the one you’ll create, because it speaks to YOU. Fire up your Spotify, Apple, or Amazon music, and start creating your secret weapon — your own ultimate power playlist. Listen to it loud and often.

Now go get ‘em, queen!

Darcel Hunt-Finegold
Darcel Hunt-Finegold is a wife, mother, and life-long Bostonian. Her life passions are education and fitness. She is a proponent of public education and works as a high school teacher in the Boston Public Schools. Darcel's own personal health journey inspired her to earn a personal training and group fitness certification as well as create her brand, “Living the QuoBreaking Life.” She encourages women to step out of their comfort zone to create life by their design via mindset and fitness. Darcel loves to run, hike, cook brunch, and discover new places in the New England area with her daughter, husband, and Pomeranian, Brady.