Camping With a Baby? Don’t Forget These Must Haves!

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I was a Girl Scout growing up, and I feel fortunate to this day to have camped in a treehouse, cabin, tent, teepee — and a shower stall. It’s probably one of my earliest camping memories: At a Girl Scout campout, all of our gear was in the middle of our teepees, about to be unpacked, when a torrential downpour began. That’s the funny thing about teepees — there’s a hole in the top. So our first night at the campground was spent in a shower house playing Guesstures. We had our mess kits and our sleeping bag pads (which, in retrospect, were essentially yoga mats) to avoid sleeping directly on the ground.

With no cell phones, WiFi, or Alexa, camping seemed so basic. Not anymore!

As I am on the cusp of my mid-30s and have just unpacked from our second family camping trip of the year, I think about how today, my husband and I still find new things to buy every year for camping and how we have to take both our cars to the campground to fit our family and everything we need! In our defense, we are camping with a toddler. When our son was born, we knew we’d take him camping with us, and this year marked his third camping trip!

Having camped with an infant and (now) toddler, here are some ideas for what to bring when camping with your little one.

Portable chair for feeding

This is convenient for an infant who can eat sitting up. It’s compact, too, and doesn’t take up a lot of room in the car!

Kid camping chair

Yes, your child will outgrow this chair, but 100% it is worth having a chair for them to sit in that’s their own.

Travel bassinet

If you have a tent that is big enough to fit a pack ‘n’ play, then awesome. I actually saw a couple of them this year when we camped, but we did not use one the first two times we camped with Jackson. We had the controversial and recalled Rock ‘n’ Play but took the legs off so it was essentially a manger. It worked great for him. A travel bassinet would be even better!

Nap mat

We were lucky enough to borrow a nap mat from a family member who has a daycare, so this year our toddler slept in his own sleeping bag with a mat underneath. You can also use a yoga mat.


My goal when building my baby registry was to get a car seat that would convert as my baby grew and a stroller that would adapt so I wouldn’t have to get another one as he aged. Every year we’ve camped, Jackson has napped in the stroller. It’s also convenient for carrying gear!

Wipes, wipes, wipes

Extra wipes are great for more than diaper changes. S’more cleanup? Trip in the dirt? Sap? They’re good to have for adults and kids!

A decent cooler

We broke down and bought one of the “rugged” coolers that promises to hold ice for days. It kept milk and fruit fresh, but remember that no matter how long the cooler claims to keep ice frozen, when you open and close it, heat goes inside.

Basic skincare items

Don’t forget baby bug spray wipes (easier than spray), sunscreen, band-aids, and Neosporin just in case.

Cups with lids

These are so helpful to avoid bugs, campfire ash, etc. entering your kiddo’s cup. 

Magic Fire

These packets are so fun — have kids “make a wish” around the campfire. The packets go right in the fire and change the color of the flames! (If you’re camping around a campfire, obviously keep your child safe and make sure they aren’t ever near the fire without an adult.)

Courtney was raised a Navy brat, growing up in Washington, South Carolina, and Virginia before her family put their roots down in Florida. She studied at Loyola University New Orleans earning her degree in communications PR with a minor in English, and she earned her master's in marketing from SNHU. She moved to the Boston area in 2008, where she met and married her partner-in-crime, John. Mother of a 16-month-old, stepmom to two 12-year-olds (boy and girl), and dog mom to Abita and Riley, Courtney is raising her family with a love of the outdoors, scary movies, and lots of laughs. Courtney works in marketing/PR and events and lives on the South Shore. She has a passion for cooking and traveling. She volunteers her time as a Gold Award advisor for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts and serves on the friends board to her local library. She loves days that start with coffee and end with champagne.