How about a red, white, and blue LAYERED punch this Fourth of July!

Ingredients: Red, white, and blue beverages of your choice.

This “recipe” creates a layered red, white, and blue drink, and you’ll need to layer the liquids by sugar content. The beverage with the highest sugar content will go on the bottom of your glass.

You’ll want to choose a different sugar content for each beverage. So, for example, if your RED beverage is a fruit punch with 44 g of sugar (nobody said this was health food!), you’ll want to choose a WHITE beverage with less than 44 g of sugar, and a BLUE beverage with even less sugar than the white.

How to:

  1. Refrigerate all liquids prior to use. Cold liquid is important!
  2. Fill a large glass with ice. Small cubes or crushed ice is best.
  3. Pour your liquid with the highest sugar content FIRST. Pour slowly!
  4. Pour your liquid with the second-highest sugar content NEXT. Pour slowly!
  5. Pour your liquid with little or no sugar last. Pour slowly!