Are you looking for some “cool mom” points? Or, are you looking for a really good laugh?

Look no further! GLOW STICK KIDS will put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Supplies needed:

Necklace-length glow sticks (at least six per person), tape, a dark room, music, and a camera!

How to:

  1. Wait until dark!
  2. Remove glow sticks from packaging and crack them so they begin to glow.
  3. Connect glow sticks to accommodate the length of your child’s arms, legs, and torso.
  4. Connect one necklace so it creates a circle. 
  5. Carefully tape long glow sticks to your child’s torso and to each of their limbs.
  6. Tape the circular glow stick to your child’s forehead so that it looks like a stick figure head.
  7. Turn off the light.
  8. Turn on the music.
  9. Get silly.
  11. Record video and take photographs. This is the stuff you’ll want to look back on when your kids are grown.

Enjoy, mamas!


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