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While all moms are certainly carrying a heavier load these days as we navigate our new normal, moms who are working on the front lines during this pandemic are carrying exponentially more. To us, they are SUPER. This is our opportunity to honor and celebrate their contributions to our community and to cheer them on as they continue to do this important work at home and on the front lines. 
These deserving moms were nominated by their husbands, best friends, co-workers, children, childcare providers, and neighbors. Join us as we cheer these incredible moms on and thank them for their service to our community.
Read more about each nominee below. We’ll announce the five finalists soon!

Marissa Bisbe :: Anesthesiologist at Holy Family Hospital

About Marissa:

Marissa is an incredibly devoted mom and doctor. She is a fun and caring mom to two girls, ages 10 and 13. Beyond bringing daily joy to her immediate family, she is a silly and thoughtful sister and daughter. She is an anesthesiologist with a specific leadership role as head of OB anesthesia. She treats all her patients and colleagues with the same love she brings to her family.

Why is Marissa a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Marissa works at Holy Family Hospital. Prior to and throughout the COVID crisis, she has advocated for her patients and her colleagues. She has ensured that pregnant moms feel safe and confident delivering during this time and helped treat and comfort COVID-positive patients in the ICU. She is fierce and she has the biggest heart — both qualities making her an incredible mom and doctor.

Laura Chambers-White :: Oncology Nurse at Mass General Hospital

About Laura:

Laura is the most amazing mom and nurse. She has been working hard while taking care of her two small daughters. She went back to work after maternity leave right as COVID-19 took over our world. She is the most thoughtful and caring friend. I know many people who have said she cared for their loved ones while battling cancer and how wonderful she was to them. She always keeps her head up!

Why is Laura a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Laura is selfless and continues to do her job no matter what happens around her. As patients come in with COVID and cancer, Laura continues to do her best to help them and keep them comfortable. After this, she goes home to be the best mom ever!

Christine Bletzer :: Nurse at New England Baptist Hospital

About Christine:

Christine is an amazing mama to her two beautiful babes, Connie and Hadley. Her little ones are only 15 months apart, which means she is EXTRA busy! She works 12-hour shifts at the hospital and then comes home to jump right into her job as a mom. Christine is an amazing friend, wife, and mother. I’m proud to call her my friend.

Why is Christine a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Christine is an RN who works at New England Baptist Hospital, primarily doing elective surgeries. In mid-March Christine was told NEBH would become a satellite location for Beth Israel Hospital’s emergency room. Christine and the other nurses jumped into a week of clinicals to sharpen their skills in emergency medicine. She was not prepared to be an emergency nurse but stepped up to the role!

Catherine Camacho :: Nurse Practitioner in Assisted Living Facilities

About Catherine:

Catherine is a geriatric nurse practitioner who travels to several long-term facilities to address patients’ health needs in their facilities. She’s also a mom to two young boys and helping them navigate distance learning. At work, she is on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, protecting some of our most vulnerable population with precious little personal protective equipment. In addition to working full time, she is also an avid volunteer, most recently running an event that raised over $25k for local nonprofits.

Why is Catherine a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Catherine has a big heart and develops close relationships with her patients and their families. Healthcare is more than a job; it’s her calling. She was on the patient side several years ago when she lost her father to cancer and wants to show other families the same TLC her father received. She’s had several “worst weeks ever” since mid-March and shows no signs of stopping.

Esmerelda Ciano :: Registered Nurse at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

About Esmerelda:

Esmerelda is an amazing mom of three boys as well as a registered nurse at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where she teaches BLS and AED certification. She is also furthering her own education while working full time and being a mom!

Why is Esmerelda a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

She goes above and beyond. No matter what, Esmerelda is constantly giving her all to care for others. She is an amazing person, and if anyone deserves to be honored for her dedication, it is her!

Jackie Coakley :: Nurse at Mass General Hospital

About Jackie:

Jackie is a nurse at MGH and the mom of a 7-month-old baby. She’s been working long days to support her family, as her husband has been laid off from his position in the restaurant industry. Even through all of this, Jackie is full of happiness and hope and is a wonderful mom!

Why is Jackie a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Jackie is an amazing nurse and an amazing mom. She’s carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, but you would never know it. She’s absolutely incredible.

Michelle Conrad :: Medical Assistant

About Michelle:

Michelle is an amazingly caring and selfless person. She truly embodies the spirit of being a “mom friend.” No matter what you need or when you need it, Michelle is there. She never hesitates to offer a ride to her kids’ friends, a listening ear, or a surprise bottle of wine on your front porch when she knows you’ve had a rough day.

Why is Michelle a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Michelle works on the front lines as a medical assistant in a pediatric practice. She selflessly puts herself at risk because she cares deeply about the welfare of her young patients. Even though she is working tirelessly, she still finds the time to check in on her friends and do sweet things like drive-by cheer ups — beeping, waving, and tossing candy out of her car windows onto their front lawns! She rarely takes the time to do things for herself, and she deserves the chance to treat herself for a change!

Alexi D’Ambrosio :: Respiratory Therapist at Mass General Hospital

About Alexi:

Alexi is the mom of 5-year-old twins. She works as a respiratory therapist at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her husband is also working on the front lines, serving as a Boston police officer! 

Why is Alexi a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Alexi is a super mom because of her bravery. She and her husband are both working on the front lines and still find the time to be amazing parents to their children!

Courtney Dahlgren :: Nurse

About Courtney:

Courtney is a nurse in the Newton-Wellesley Hospital network. Though she is usually a nurse for a small practice, she has been working on the front line, covering the coronavirus floor. She is also a mom to three kids ranging in age from toddler to preteen, an amazing crafter, and a caring friend.

Why is Courtney a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Courtney is working in the career she is meant to be in: nursing. Not only is she caring for patients on the front line, she is also caring for her own three kids at home, each of whom has a weakened immune system. Although she is afraid of bringing COVID home to her family, she wants to help others as much as possible.

Rebecca Damaa :: ICU Nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital

About Rebecca:

Becky is an ICU nurse who risks her life to treat COVID-19 patients. She’s also a mom to two young girls (4 and 6 years old). When she’s not kicking butt at work, she’s wrangling her children to do schoolwork and attend karate and dance, training for Tough Mudders, cooking up a storm to entertain family and friends, taking photos, and sharing memes. Becky is always doing something, usually for someone else.

Why is Rebecca a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Becky has given so much of herself “just doing her job.” Her kids can’t sleep, worried they saw their mom for the last time. But she doesn’t consider herself a hero: When someone offers her thanks or help she passes it on to someone else she feels deserves it more. Becky deserves to be recognized for all she has given up as a nurse on the front lines!

Donna Donaghey :: Nursing Supervisor

About Donna:

Donna is a mother of five children who works two jobs and loves swimming. In addition to raising her own children, she also serves as caregiver for her own mother. She has been a nurse for over 20 years and treats each and every one of her patients with the care and love with which she raised her own children. 

Why is Donna a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

As a nurse, Donna has dedicated herself to providing the best care to everyone. In light of this pandemic we are living in, she contracted COVID-19 while working in a nursing home in South Boston. Despite her own battle with this disease, she has vowed to return to work to help more patients. She is an amazingly selfless person who provides exceptional care to those around her.

Dorothy Deblasi :: Registered Nurse

About Dorothy:

Working side by side with Dorothy has shown that she is an incredible nurse, friend, and mother! She is dedicated to the well-being of her patients and is a devoted mother.

Why is Dorothy a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Dorothy is so deserving of this giveaway! She is always helpful and eager to offer a helping hand to others. Her positive attitude keeps her coworkers and patients alike in good spirits during this tough time.

Stacey Dunn :: Emergency Room Physicians Assistant

About Stacey:

Stacey is Super Mom to three beautiful girls, ages 9, 3, and 2. Not only does she rock as a mom on a daily basis, she is also on the front lines working in the emergency room, admitting COVID patients as well as caring for a wide variety of other patients who come in each shift.

Why is Stacey a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Stacey is a rock star. It’s amazing watching her raise our three young girls as she also fulfills her obligations as a physicians assistant in the emergency room — all without skipping a beat. She deserves to be honored for her hard work and dedication!

Nicole Grady :: Medical Director/Neonatologist

About Nicole: 

Nicole is a kind, funny, and creative mom. Although she has a busy work schedule as a neonatologist, she always makes time for her daughter. Whether it be crafts and games or help with reading, Nicole is always there. On top of this, she built a successful local baking business, Sweet Mazie’s, even while progressing through breast cancer treatments over the past four years. She can do it all.

Why is Nicole a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Nicole has dedicated her life to the service of others and the public good. As medical director of Mount Auburn’s newborn services and as medical faculty BIDMC, she cares for our vulnerable premature infants. Recently, she led the way for Mount Auburn’s neonatal COVID-19 response. All of this while not missing a beat caring for and enriching the life of her very rambunctious 7-year-old!

Amanda Haimaidi :: Emergency Room Nurse at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

About Amanda: 

Amanda is the mom of Maeve (3) and Griffin (2). She has been working 12-hour shifts in the Brigham and Women’s ER, swabbing patients in their ambulance bay test site and caring for patients who are COVID positive. She has helped ailing patients make final Facetime calls to loved ones before being put on ventilators and has eased the minds of many lonely, scared patients fighting the virus alone.

Why is Amanda a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Amanda’s husband, Derek is a firefighter/emergency medical technician in their hometown of Abington. They alternate working shifts to ensure that one of them is always home to take care of their children, because they do not want to risk exposing their family or friends to the virus they are both exposed to on a daily basis.  

Katherine Harkin :: Physicians Assistant in the Neurology ICU at UMass Memorial

About Katherine:

Kate is an amazing wife and wonderful mother to three wee ones, Maebh (4.5), Rowan (2.5), and Caden (4 months). She started back at work at the beginning of the pandemic and has been balancing work and family like a champ for the past four weeks. She works in the neuro ICU helping patients with some of the most perilous diseases and conditions a patient could face.

Why is Katherine a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Kate is a selfless, genuine, and helpful person who deserves a massive shout out for everything she does. Despite being a Type 1 diabetic, she is on the front lines working 14-hour shifts in the neuro ICU, and then bouncing back home to help feed a mob of kids each day. She is definitely deserving of a wee break from the chaos! She is amazing!

(Special note from Kate’s family: I don’t say it often enough — I LOVE YOU!)

Kacey Henderson :: Registered Nurse, Emergency Department

About Kacey:

This mother to four is humble, kind, optimistic, helpful, gritty, and hysterical! If you need perspective, Kacey is your girl! She is constantly sacrificing out of love and commitment to her family, friends, and community. Kacey has accomplished so much in the past decade! She became a mother fresh out of high school, put herself through nursing school, married, had three more amazing kids, and finished nurse practitioner school just this month!

Why is Kacey a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Kacey is a selfless and compassionate caregiver on the front line of this crisis. She has spent the past few months in dedicated service to her community as an ER nurse while assisting two of her children in online learning and maintaining as much normalcy as possible for her young family. She did this all while completing nurse practitioner school! She always has a smile on her face and never hesitates to reach out a lending hand to others! She is incredible!

Justine Hoyt :: Nursing Home Nurse

About Justine:

Justine is the mother of two kids under 3 years old. She has been working the front lines of COVID-19 at a nursing home, caring for elderly patients who have been hit hardest by the virus. She has been there, lovingly caring for patients whose families are unable to be with them during their last days. 

Why is Justine a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Justine has been working tirelessly to take care of her patients and then coming home to be an amazing mom to her children.

Elizabeth Hurton :: Nurse

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is the mother of two daughters, whom she is totally dedicated to. She devotes every available moment to their care and development. Elizabeth’s unique understanding of her children has focused on their emotional, social, and intellectual development. No matter how busy the schedule, the one constant theme is love. Elizabeth continuously gives of herself.

Why is Elizabeth a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Elizabeth is an infusion nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital. She administers experimental chemo drugs to critically ill cancer patients. This is an extremely challenging profession in the best of times but has become even more challenging during the recent COVID pandemic. Elizabeth is very compassionate, skilled, and dedicated to her patients.

Meredith Kresser :: Nurse at Brockton Hospital

About Meredith:

Meredith is a nurse on the front line of this pandemic at Brockton Hospital. She is a new mom and working hard to keep everyone else’s families safe and healthy. She is an amazing sister, mother, and nurse.

Why is Meredith a Super Mom in the Front Lines?

Meredith puts her patients first. She has been working long hours treating patients on the COVID-19 floor and has spent a great deal of time away from her own infant to care for others. She has jeopardized her safety to help others and is deserving of recognition!

Anshu Kumari :: Pediatrician

About Anshu: 

Anshu is a fun-loving, amazing woman. Kids adore her, and she is always striving to help others. Anshu has the biggest heart and is the kindest, most beautiful woman, inside and out. 

Why is Anshu a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Anshu is an amazing mother and an exceptional, dedicated pediatrician. She was offered the opportunity to not serve during the pandemic but chose instead to continue treating children. When asked why she chose to put herself at risk, she responded, “If I don’t, who will take care of my other kids?”  

Meghan Lucas :: Case Manager

About Meghan:

Meghan is a registered nurse who works as case manager in the Stoneham and Medford dialysis clinics run by Fresenius Medical Care, where she has worked for the last (almost) nine years. Meg will be married to her high-school sweetheart Mike for six years this June, and together they have their 2.5-year-old daughter Claire. Meghan is hardworking and is very dedicated to her family and patients.

Why is Meghan a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Not just during this time of the pandemic, but always, Meghan is a go-to leader for her colleagues and liaison between doctors and patients. Her role at work has altered a bit because she is also testing patients and employees who are suspected to have the virus. She again has stepped up to the plate taking on this major responsibility. On top of it all, she is a fantastic and loving mom and auntie!

Katie Mahoney :: Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Nurse

About Katie:

Katie Mahoney is a mother of three and lives in Hanson, MA. She has been a nurse since she graduated from Northeastern University. She has three beautiful children, Calleigh (11), Conor (9), and Charlotte (5). Katie is devoted mother and wife who enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, camping, and skiing.

Why is Katie a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Katie’s unit at Boston Medical Center is 100% COVID-19 patients. She was scared. Her family was scared. Yet every day she shows up with strength and grace. She sacrifices snuggles and hugs with her children. She sleeps apart from her family. She shares intimate FaceTime calls with complete strangers because that is the only way her patients’ loved ones can say one last goodbye. This is her new norm. She is a HERO!

Alanna Mallon :: Food For Free’s K-12 Lead, Vice Mayor of Cambridge

About Alanna:

Alanna Mallon is vice mayor of Cambridge and city councillor as well as Food For Free’s K-12 lead. She is the founder of the Cambridge Weekend Backpack Program and has helped start up scores of other backpack programs throughout the country to help make sure kids have enough to eat on the weekends. If that wasn’t enough, her most important job is being mom to her two children.

Why is Alanna a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Alanna is a force for good in Cambridge. As vice mayor, she works non-stop to help Cambridge residents in need find food, diapers, and more. She runs Food For Free’s volunteer efforts in partnership with the Cambridge Public Schools’ school meals distribution program to ensure that Cambridge kids have enough to eat during this crisis.

Kancie Marshall :: ER Nurse at North Shore Medical Center

About Kancie:

It’s been Kancie’s lifelong dream to be a nurse. She finally completed her studies three years ago while singlehandedly raising her two daughters. She’s an awesome nurse and an amazing, fun mom. I honestly don’t know how she does it! 

Why is Kancie a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Kancie is an emergency room nurse at the North Shore Medical Center, one of the busiest suburban emergency rooms in the Boston area. This hospital has been showcased on the news for its lack of personal protective equipment. Even during this unprecedented, crazy time, Kancie’s commitment to helping people has not wavered, and she remains dedicated to the well-being of her patients every day!

Jaimie Medina :: Nurse

About Jaimie:

Jaimie is a nurse at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. She is a vibrant and warm person and a blessing of a friend. She had a long and difficult journey to motherhood, but she and her husband welcomed a beautiful daughter named Maroula, who is the light of their lives. 

Why is Jaimie a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Jaimie has been amazingly supportive of her fellow healthcare workers and the patients in her care during this pandemic. She is active on social media when she’s not at work, helping to educate and comfort people who are scared or are looking for answers during an uncertain time. Jaimie does an incredible amount for her family and friends, and it would be amazing to see her get to treat herself for a change!

Leah Murnane :: Anesthesiologist

About Leah:

Leah married her high school sweetheart, and together they have three beautiful children, ages 2, 4, and 6. She is an amazingly selfless, loving, kind-hearted and smart human. Even before this virus, she worked tirelessly to help everyone around her. Since the start of COVID, she has balanced parenting and worked to the point of exhaustion, yet she still puts the needs of others before her own. 

Why is Leah a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Leah works on the front line in Boston as an anesthesiologist. She spends her days working to insert tubes into COVID positive patients, and having to reuse her masks due to the shortage of personal protective equipment. Leah works 24-hour shifts, and though she lives in fear of bringing the virus home to her babies, she never complains. She is also heartbroken that her father is dying of cancer and she is unable to see him for fear of transmitting the virus to him. She deserves to be recognized for her dedication and for her sacrifice.

Kirsten Newell :: Registered Nurse at Newton-Wellesley Hospital

About Kirsten:

Kirsten is a registered nurse at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and has been caring for patients with COVID-19 in the ICU.

Why is Kirsten a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Kirsten is hard working, compassionate, and the nurse anyone would want to have for themselves. Most importantly, she is the nurse you would want to have for your loved one in their time of need. She is the kind of daughter that makes a parent proud and is, without question, her parents’ hero. She is an amazing daughter, wife, mother, friend, and person.

Anne Pizzano :: Certified Child Life Specialist

About Anne:

Anne has experienced tragic loss in her personal life and has always cared more about children than herself. She’s the proud mother of Leo and Oliver and resides in the North End in Boston with her husband James and the boys. She’s worked at Massachusetts General Hospital for over 15 years as a child life specialist — one of the most important roles in pediatric healthcare.

Why is Anne a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

She is the most generous, selfless, loving mother and worker I’ve ever met. She walks to work each day, mask in hand, ready to help anyone on the pediatric units and be “their person” when visitors are not allowed. For years she has seen such devastation, yet works tirelessly to create joy in each patient. She meets celebrities often but refuses to be in those pictures because it’s not about her.

Marla Purciello :: Head Cardiac Nurse at Tufts Medical Center

About Marla:

Marla is amazing! She is a dedicated night shift nurse in Boston and wife and mother of two children. She cares deeply about her family, her patients, her community, and her friends. She works hard. She’s a marathon runner, and has a few Boston Marathons under her belt. She is funny, down to earth, and someone you can always count on. Anyone who knows Marla loves her.

Why is Marla a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Marla has been on the front line of this pandemic since it began, consistently working in conditions that are both scary and heartbreaking. After making sure her patients are well cared for, she returns home to her family and is an amazing mom!

Kelley Reno :: Licensed Practical Nurse

About Kelley:

Kelley is a mom of two beautiful kids. She went back to school after her children were born to get her nursing license and balanced motherhood, working, and attending nursing school for two years as she worked toward her LPN!

Why is Kelley a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Kelley has worked on the front lines as an LPN in a nursing home and rehabilitation center throughout the duration of COVID-19. She balances her work with parenting and homeschooling her kids with humor and relentless dedication. She is an inspiration and deserves to be honored for the amazing work she does every day.

Lauren Sherlock :: Nurse Practitioner

About Lauren:

Lauren is a role model to us all. She is an amazing mom to two wonderful kids, ages 10 and 7. She serves on the school committee, volunteers at town events, and is a trustworthy friend, dedicated nurse practitioner, and all-around awesome human. She works at Mass General Hospital and has remained on the front lines during this pandemic, giving her best to her patients and her family.

Why is Lauren a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Lauren is a steady force of positive energy in people’s lives. She balances her frustrations in a healthy way by keeping it real, but she also makes sure you know she’s got your back. During this health crisis, she has been outstanding. Through her job at MGH, she has been able to provide care and support to many people’s loved ones, and she has shared her medical knowledge and understanding of this crisis with many parents in her town.

Amy Simcox :: Licensed Practical Nurse

About Amy:

Amy is an LPN at the VA in Bedford. Her floor was turned into the COVID floor. Not only was her job caring for our country’s heroes respectable to begin with, but now she’s helping them through this awful illness. Amy is a light in anyone’s life who knows her, including her veterans. She takes extreme pride in what she does and makes the world a better place.

Why is Amy a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

These veterans once fought on the front lines for us, and now Amy is fighting for them. She works so hard at what she does and will do anything to keep the spirits up at the VA, including singing and dancing. Once off the clock, she goes home to her two young daughters, Jocelyn and Maggie. Her job doesn’t end when she walks out of the VA. She makes sure she is still teaching her daughters daily! 

Wendi Smith :: Respiratory Therapist

About Wendi:

Wendi recently began her career as a respiratory therapist at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is a wife and a mother of two beautiful girls.

Why is Wendi a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Wendi is literally on the front lines of this pandemic delivering the breath of life to patients suffering with COVID-19. She works tirelessly with some of the most critical patients. Wendi’s husband Shawn suffers with scleroderma, has had a double lung transplant, and is currently on dialysis. To protect Shawn, Wendi has been living apart from her family in Airbnbs and hotels for over two months.

Lisa Szabo :: Nurse

About Lisa:

Lisa is the most loving mother, friend, and nurse. She works so hard and comes home exhausted but still keeps on going to make sure her three young kids are having quality time with her. If you ever need anything, Lisa will be there!

Why is Lisa a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Lisa is an amazing role model for her children. Her dedication to her patients and her work ethic are qualities to admire! She puts other people’s needs before her own and is an inspiration!

Reneè Ward :: Clinical Nurse ll

About Reneè:

Renee was recently promoted at Beth Israel and is seen as a go-to clinical nurse for guiding care for cardiac patients. In her position, she learns the latest COVID updates and ensures that patients and nurses are protected. She has done amazing work as a nurse for 20 years, and anyone would be lucky to be under her care. 

Why is Reneè a Super Mom on the Front Lines?

Reneè is simply the best. She is a loving mom to four kids, ages 5 to 15. She is a dedicated professional, heading to work many days during the week while her husband stays home to take care of their children. When Renee is home, she loves to gather for family meals. She is an amazing mom, always making sure that her kids are on top of their school work and ensuring that they have the chance to connect with family and friends over Zoom and via the phone. 

The nominees listed above gave express consent to be featured. If you nominated an awesome mom and don’t see her information listed, it’s likely she missed our email requesting confirmation of her consent.

Boston Moms is thankful for ALL moms who are working hard on the front lines and at home!

Deanna is a mom of five (yes, five) children, who lives in Brockton with her small circus of kids, her husband, their dog Penny, and a few cats. Her life is loud, energetic, mostly fun, often gross (did she mention four of those kids are boys?), and she wouldn't have it any other way. In between carting kids to school, baseball, gymnastics, guitar, dance, track and field and every other kid activity known to mankind, she works as a school bus driver for the city of Brockton, and is the Director of Religious Education at the Unity Church of North Easton, a Unitarian Universalist congregation. Deanna also holds degrees in Elementary Physical Education and Dance Education, which she plans to put back into use one day. At parties, Deanna can often be found hanging out with family pets. She follows her children around with a camera like the paparazzi, is pretty sure that 97% of her blood stream is made of coffee, and her laundry is never done. You can also find her blogging at


  1. I’d love to add an little insight on one of the Super Mom’s who’ve been nominated above.
    Kancie Marshall, a single mom who works in the ER as a trauma nurse has a special ability to truly see the world through her patient’s eyes, and is also concerned with those outside of her ER world. When the need for masks became apparent Kancie spent several hundred dollars of her own limited funds to purchase all the items necessary for making masks for those she works with and cares about. At this point she has freely given out several hundred masks to her colleagues, their families and loved ones.

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