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Feeding Your Baby with Nurture by NAPS

We know that one of the most stressful decisions a mom can make is how she will feed her baby. On today’s episode we are hearing from a local expert about the different feeding options, and how they are supporting local moms no matter if they choose to formula feed or breastfeed. This episode is packed with helpful information, so grab a pen and notepad, and listen in to Feeding Your Baby with Nurture by NAPS. 

About Our Guest 

Feeding Your Baby with Nurture by NAPSEMILY SILVER is a Family Nurse Practitioner and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). After graduating from Boston College, Emily received her graduate degree from UMass Boston. She lives in Charlestown, MA with her husband, AJ, three daughters Grace (age 7), Madelyn (age 5), Eloise (age 1), and dog Maisey (age 9). 

Emily began her career in General Medicine before working as a Labor & Delivery nurse, where she met NAPS co-founder Jamie O’Day. While working in Labor & Delivery, Emily went back to school to get her master’s degree in nursing and become a Family Nurse Practitioner. She practiced as a Nurse Practitioner in an OBGYN office for several years before running NAPS full time with Jamie. Emily best supports families through NAPS by pulling from her vast medical background, and her own experiences with pregnancy and parenting as a mother of three girls. 

Emily’s passion for educating and supporting families stems from her personal experience dealing with loss. She lost a sister to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), has had multiple miscarriages, and has dealt with the anxiety and the stigma that comes with taking medication while pregnant and breastfeeding. You can be assured that taboo topics are just not taboo for Emily! 

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