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Career, Passions and Motherhood with Parker Kelley

Hello, Wicked Good Momcast Listeners! You are in for such a treat today. Shannon is talking to Boston TV personality, Parker Kelley. In this episode, Parker is discussing her 25 plus years’ experience writing, producing and hosting television shows all while raising two sons. If you are a mom in the thick of balancing your career and raising your children wondering, “how do I do it all?” then you will definitely want to hear from this local mom who has been there and come out on the other side.

About Our Guest 

PARKER KELLEY is a highly driven, empathic journalist with 25+ years of experience in the video and television industry. Most of her career has been in lifestyle TV. Currently, she hosts and produces Home, Life & Style, a TV show that airs on WCVB-TV ABC in Boston and other ABC affiliates in New England. Parker’s show is about beautiful homes and the key players who help create them and yet deeper than that, it is a show about connecting and sharing all things beautiful from coffered ceilings to family relationships to a delicious well-executed meal. 
Prior to producing and hosting Home, Life & Style, Parker hosted and produced for NBC, PBS, CBS and Fox affiliates. For years, she has focused on travel journalism; discovering new places, meeting the people and showcasing the best the region has to offer. She strives to educate, inspire and inform. She creates honest television with meaningful content that celebrates life. 
Parker and her team have traveled thousands of miles across New England and abroad featuring well over 100 destination episodes. Most of her career in TV has been at the intersection of design, food, travel and people. She has an insatiable appetite for life and is passionate; soaking in her surroundings, making new friends and sharing her experiences with the viewer. 
In June of 2018, Parker launched BlueView Productions, LLC with her partner Gene Cap Allen. BVP is a full-service production company based in Greater Boston specializing in regional and national Lifestyle Television. BVP creates compelling television and videos that tell a story. 
In addition, Parker produces non-profit videos. In 2001, she founded an independent production company named Rowboat Productions and ran that business concurrently with her other shows until 2018. In this line of production, she worked exclusively with non-profit clients to produce heartfelt and emotionally evocative marketing videos that aired at large galas, fundraisers and shown on websites. While Parker is highly qualified to produce anything type of video, the majority of her non-profit work revolves around supporting individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. She is committed to producing at least one of these non-profit videos per year under her company, Blueview Productions, to help her non-profit clients tell their stories and assist the viewer in understanding the message so that they feel driven to support it.
Parker has been making TV and telling stories since college. It is her life’s work. She wakes up everyday grateful that she can love what she does and do what she loves.

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