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I recently read that Luke Kuechly, who played at Boston College while I was in college just down the road, is set to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame later this year. Upon reading the headline my first thought was, “Wow, players from ‘my time’ are hall of famers now?” (proof that I’m getting old), and second, “I bet his mom is so, so proud.” (I see everything through the lens of motherhood now.)

Child playing football

I’ve spent pockets of time over the last few weeks thinking about Mrs. Kuechly. Her son, an elite athlete whose stardom began in high school, must have been the proudest fan in the stands. I bet she sat on the bleachers of every game on pins and needles, hoping for his tackle and for his team’s success. I bet she drove stinky pads and stinky players home from games, and I bet she felt the push and pull of parenting an athlete, wondering when to push and when to let them decide their next best move.

I bet she felt immense pride when Luke suited up to join the BC Eagles in Boston (a haul from their home in Ohio), and I imagine she also felt the pang of separation that a mom feels in her chest when her baby leaves home. I bet she worried for him just like every mom does, and I bet his wins and accolades over those four years at Boston College felt as much hers as his. After his time at Boston College, Luke went on to play eight seasons in the NFL, proving time and again that he’s one of the best who has ever played the game. Did Mrs. Kuechly know? Did she feel it deep in her gut, the way moms usually do? I would love the chance to ask her — what can the rest of us, whose children might someday be destined for greatness, do to nurture their love for the game? 

If you are the mom to an athlete — especially one with aspirations for the big leagues — you understand this sacrifice and thrill all the same. I am so proud to partner with The National Football Foundation and Future For Football to bring stories like this, resources for players and their families, and the love of the game to Boston Moms readers and followers. 

The National Football Foundation (NFF) and College Hall of Fame is a nonprofit educational organization that runs programs designed to use the power of amateur football in developing scholarship, citizenship, and athletic achievement in young people.

I don’t know Mrs. Kuechly, nor do I know any of the mothers of the players being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame this year, but I do know that they must feel an all-consuming sense of pride. Their sacrifice, their family’s sacrifice, and their children’s sacrifice have led to this incredible recognition. I’m celebrating right alongside each one of these moms and their players.

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Meghan Block
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