Instead of doing the typical list of story times, I decided to talk to some of the wonderful women at my library.  I am fortunate and grateful to have an exceptional library in my town (Melrose.)  The librarians are the heart and soul of this institution.  They are the brains and creative force that makes the children’s room so special.  Children’s librarians have so much enthusiasm for the work they do.  Did you ever witness the look on their faces when they issue a child their very own library card?  It’s pure magic!
Librarians help children find books-both the ones they are looking for and the ones they never knew would make them love reading.  They help coordinate story times, Lego clubs, puzzle completion, songs for babies, and help wayward trains make their way back home.  Librarians make the space welcoming by decorating it with flowers, snowflakes, and characters from popular children’s books.
In the summer, the library has a summer reading program.  They make sure hundreds of precious children do not lose their passion for reading on their summer vacation.  I am told that the theme this summer is “Every Hero Has A Story”.  I loved listening to the passion in her voice as Ms. Martha Grant told me about all of the activities that make MY library such a vibrant place.
The library is not just about the books.  It’s a community within a community.  It is a warm place to make new friends, take some time away from our hectic world, and just be.  I love the library!!!
I wanted to ask my librarians what they want others to know about the library.  This is the top ten list according to Marianne Stanton, Martha Grant, Renee Cogan, and Ginny Rowe.  They are the heart of the Melrose Public Library Children’s Room.
  1. If you are new to the community, the library is a great place to find out what is happening in town.  You can meet people with children the same age and develop friendships beyond the library walls.  Did you know people often check out the library before choosing a town to move to?  Neither did I!
  2. There are passes to local museums and historical/educational  institutions that are discounted or free.
  3. The library can be part of a weekly routine (and we all know how important routines are to children.)
  4. It’s FREE!!!
  5. Most libraries are open seven days a week.
  6. The library has a great bulletin board to post events or find services that may help your family.
  7. The library encourages literacy and self discovery for all ages.
  8. The library has clubs, informal work space, and a location for collaboration with peers.
  9. The library has computers which makes technology accessible for everyone.
  10. But most importantly-THE LIBRARY IS FUN!

I salute Librarians everywhere!  They are some of the unspoken heroes that make up every community.

Take time out of your busy week and visit your local library! 

Why do you love your library?