Happy Father’s Day, Husband! Yes, this is a moms’ blog… but, guess what? The guys deserve some credit, too!

I want to take this time to thank you, Husband, for all you do to make our family unit thrive and to keep me from having myself committed. Husband, as a dad to our daughter, you are aware of how she looks to both of us to shape her understanding of what it is to be human, and, more particularly, how to engage in this world as a female. Although she is only a toddler, she has already been inundated — with being told she has chunky thighs, given mainly pink-colored clothing choices in the girls’ clothing section, and being mainly complimented on her beauty (OK… she is pretty cute!). We work hard to instill in her that being female does not limit her and that her worth is beyond her appearance.

Husband, you have the added responsibility of being her primary male role model… which is kind of a big deal. J will always look to you to help her navigate her social world, and I am so grateful for the guidance you are already giving her. Here are just a few reasons I am thankful for you.

1. You understand that you do not “help” me in running our household.

You are an active partner who is equally vested. Even though J is a toddler, you are already showing her what to look for in a mate and the true value of equality and reciprocity. You teach her that women are to be loved and respected. You show her that there are no “women’s” or “men’s” chores. Whether J chooses a man or a woman to be her life partner, I pray that the importance of shared responsibility will be a given.

2. You and J have your own special time together.

Every Sunday, you have your daddy-daughter walks. You do not see this as a burden, and you look forward to them. Yes, it’s a huge win for me, because it gives me much needed “me” time. More importantly, it lets her know how valuable and special she is to you. I know of someone who had this special time with his teenage daughter, and he used it to show her how men should treat her. I hope J will learn the same. Over the years, I hope she will use this time to confide in you. I will likely mess her up, as my mother did me. (We’re super close now — love you, Mom!) Hopefully, you will be there to soften the blow, and she can use this time to blow off steam.

3. You roughhouse with her.

You chase after her. You tickle her and bounce her up and down. Even though she’s a girl, she will learn that to be strong, daring, and athletic is to be admired.

4. You drop everything when she wants to have a “tea party” with you.

You drink “tea” with your pinkie out, like a proper lady should. She is your little princess and you will encourage her that she can be a girlie-girl and that’s OK.

5. I don’t know who’s happier when you come home from work.

You, as she comes running to you when she hears the door open, or her as you pick her up for a big hug and kiss.

6. You read to her. A lot.

Even when it’s the tenth reading of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” in five minutes. You are teaching her a lifelong appreciation of books. You encourage her to “read” in her own way, even if she wants to speed read through or go back a few pages. You are teaching her to value intelligence and to forever be curious.

7. You encourage her to work things out on her own.

You don’t rush to correct her, even when she’s gotten herself seemingly stuck beneath a chair. You teach her to have confidence in her problem solving and to have pride when she works it through.

Husband, I loved you first as my boyfriend, then as my husband, and now as J’s daddy. Just as you continue to exceed my wildest expectations as a husband, I can’t wait to see how you continue to surpass J’s amazement of her daddy.

Happy Father’s Day, Husband!


Lindsay Goldberg is a working mom who then comes home and works there, too. She loves finding quick, healthy recipes to make for her family and lives for her Sunday morning escape to the gym. She has given up on trying to find balance, and is, instead focused on surviving and being Good Enough. Likes- books, family dance parties, morning snuggles, and drinking coffee when it's still hot. Dislikes- recipes with more than 10 ingredients or 10 steps, winter, and deadlines