Things My Kids Have Done on Zoom

When work-from-home life began in March, the first thing my new 3- and 1-year-old co-workers were trained on was Zoom.

With everyone now working remotely — but everyone needing to see each other (partly because we crave social interaction, but mostly for accountability) — Zoom and other video conference calling have become THE primary means of communication for my job and for seemingly everyone else in the country.

My tiny co-workers got the basics down quick — I mean, they are digital natives, right? However, the art of Zoom etiquette is lost on them. In the last month, my sons have done the following while I have been on Zoom:

  • Jumped up on my lap and waved to everyone.
  • Decided to show off their hockey stick to the call, waving it in the background and nearly hitting me in the head.
  • Poured honey on the chair that I sit in for my Zoom meetings without my knowledge, causing me to settle in for a Zoom staff meeting I was already late for and realize that my pants were now covered in stickiness. And of course I wasn’t able to get up to take care of it until the meeting was over.
  • Broke a snow globe while I was on a call, causing glitter and water to cover the entire room.
  • Started singing, “Poop, poop, poop, poop, POOP,” while I was unmuted.
  • Tapped me on the shoulder and asked me where Blippi lives.
  • Yelled, “This is BORING,” while I was leading a call.

I love my children and cherish this extra time with them… but once I am able to return to work, I may never take a plain old meeting in a conference room for granted ever again.


Kat grew up as a sports fan in Rochester, NY. She moved to Boston to earn a graduate degree in education. While working towards her Master’s and establishing her higher education administration career, she blogged about her love of sports. Somehow that blogging turned into a part-time sports writing career. After having her sons in 2016 and 2018, Kat is attempting to balance a full-time job in education with her writing dream and motherhood. She loves coffee, cats and 1990s NFL quarterbacks. She dislikes chewing gum, high shelves and baby pajamas that snap instead of zipper. You can read her work at