The Best Planners to Keep You and Your Family Organized

With 2016 quickly winding down and the new year soon upon us, it’s that time of year to make a very important decision that could have huge implications as we roll into 2017:

What planner should I use?

Over the years, I have tried a variety of types, from a basic Mead planner I found at Staples to going digital and relying solely on Google Calendar.

While I still use Google Calendar to keep track of all my appointments and as a tool to communicate schedules with my husband, I am still very much a pen-and-paper girl at heart. Earlier this year I discovered bullet journaling. For me, it is the perfect way to organize my life as a work-at-home mom. I also use it as a creative outlet, adding in little doodles and coloring in boxes with markers as I complete tasks.

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Sometimes I can ever read what I wrote!

I reached out to my fellow Boston Moms Blog contributors, and they shared some of their favorite planners as well. 

Printed planners

Morgan’s pick is an Erin Condren Life Planner. “I love how customizable it is. There are a lot of fun add-ons, which make the overwhelming task of planning everything seem a lot more fun. I love seeing the whole week laid out in front of me, and I love how neat and clean it is.”


Alessandra shares, “For those of us who juggle momness and also running a business, I’ve been liking my Goal Digger this year. It helps keep on top of everything, which definitely includes momming. I also created a one-page printable daily planner that has spaces for more of the other things, like meals, family errands, and house stuff!”


Caitlin says she loves the Johnson Planner both for her personal and business use. 

Janine is a huge fan of her Day Designer. “The Day Designer is bulky and gives me an arm workout, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This 12-month calendar has one page for every day (except Saturday and Sunday, which share a page). On each page, there is an hourly breakdown on the left and a to-do list on the right. The page includes ‘Today’s Top Three,’ which highlights the most important tasks. There is also a place for a few notes, and a daily gratitude section — always important to remember! Although a paper calendar seems old fashioned, I transfer the to-do items that are not completed on to the next day and use the list to remind myself of important tasks that are still months away. There are countless apps and electronic reminders, but I’ve found a paper planner to be the most beneficial for me.”

Digital planners

If you prefer a digital way to plan and organize your life, going simple with Google Calendar is an excellent choice. As Nancy shares, “Google Calendar is great because you can check it on your phone, easily include repeat events, and tailor it to your needs with descriptions, addresses that open in Google Maps, and even phone numbers in case you’re running late (which seems to happen to me often).”

Bullet journals

Jessica uses a Leuchtturm1917 notebook. “I like bullet journaling because I have a lot of flexibility when I make my monthly and weekly layouts. I can add to-do lists, meals, grocery lists, and habit tracking if I want. Also, I enjoy the process of creating my weekly planner — it adds a little time for creativity. In addition to typical planner pages, a journal-style planner allows me to add pages for anything else in my life. I have pages to keep track of things my kids do, addresses, bucket lists, vacation planning, etc. It’s very flexible and keeps me on track!”

What is your favorite planner?