Test Your Style for Dealing with Inappropriate People

Quiz TimeI seem to attract socially inappropriate people. You know, the ones who make comments that are rude or insulting toward you or your child, but the commenter either doesn’t realize it or pretends like she doesn’t know what she is saying is obnoxious. Yup, I’m a magnet for those people.

Usually, I remain calm and don’t let these people get to me. I tell myself they are ridiculous and move on. But sometimes, oh sometimes, I’d love to release my inner rage on the commenter and be socially inappropriate right back.

Where do you fall on the response spectrum? How would you respond to some inappropriate questions?  Take my Dealing with Inappropriate People Quiz and find out


1. The size comment: “Look at those chubby thighs. What a chunkster!”

a. They are great, aren’t they? I’m so glad I have a healthy, growing baby.

b. (Ignore the comment and change the topic)

c. Have you looked in a mirror lately? You’re one to be talking.

2. The wrong gender comment: “Your boy is adorable.”

a. Thank you. I agree, my daughter is adorable.

b. Thanks. (Ignore the wrong gender comment)

c. Seriously? Are you blind? She is wearing a purple shirt and pink shoes! She is a girl!

3. The pacifier comment: “You should take that pacifier out of her mouth. She doesn’t need it.”

a. When she is ready, she’ll give it up.

b. (Ignore the comment and change the topic)

c. How do you know? Do you have an MD? Oh really, your kids never used one. Well, that explains why they are so messed up.

4. The parenting comment: “Wow, you are a real hands-off parent. I would never let my kid do that.”

a. We like to give our kiddo freedom to try things and be independent when we can, especially in this environment where it is safe to do so.

b. (Ignore the comment and change the topic)

c. That’s because you are a lunatic. Better line up a good psychologist now for your kid because he is going to need it.


Mostly As: You are a Pollyanna who can find a positive comment for almost everything. Your ability to not easily be frazzled by inappropriate comments and keep your cool in every situation is impressive.

Mostly Bs: You are confrontation adverse and it serves you well in the moment.

Mostly Cs: You are what most people dream of being—completely honest. However, frequently responding in this vein will quickly turn you into the socially-inappropriate person that people hate.


Where do I fall? I’m mostly A and sometimes B, who wishes desperately to be able to be a C when it comes to certain people.

We all can dream, right?