Skating Classes for Kids at FMC Ice Sports

We are thrilled to partner with FMC Ice Sports to share a great winter class option for the whole family!

skating classes for kids - FMC Ice Sports - Boston Moms Blog

My husband and I grew up in Texas, and both of us experienced snow for the first time well after puberty. Needless to say, we didn’t grow up with sledding and snowball fights. So when our 4-year-old son expressed interest in playing hockey, we were completely in the dark.

First, we got him a plastic “street hockey” set to test the theory. He loved it, and we got really good at playroom hockey. When he was 3, we took him to a skating rink. “How hard can it be?” we thought. Well… really hard, apparently. I strapped on a pair of figure skates for the first time in over 20 years and gave it a go. I’m not sure who was holding up who on the ice. Somehow, my son and I made it around the rink a few times, but I didn’t feel like I was instilling any confidence in him, and I looked on jealously at the parents who had skating experience as they pulled their kids gracefully around on the ice.
Time to call in some professional help. We signed him up for skating class at FMC Ice Sports, and we’ve been so happy with his experience.
 skating classes for kids - FMC Ice Sports - Boston Moms Blog

Here are the highlights: 

Small classes

With about six to eight kids in each group, the classes are small enough for the teachers to connect with each child individually and assess how they’re doing. 

Great coaches

The coaches do well teaching kids the basic skills they need to be comfortable on the ice. They take it slowly and make sure the kids can stand confidently on the ice, unassisted. We overheard one parent ask why they don’t use milk crates like when he was growing up, and the teacher replied that they want the kids to develop balance naturally, without an aid, because they can progress more quickly once they have that down. We saw this theory in practice and fully support it.

Short class times (about 25-30 minutes)

This is great, because it’s just enough time for the kids to have a good time and not get bored or frustrated, since standing on the ice can be tedious or a little scary for beginners. Short practice times equal avoiding meltdowns and maximizing focus.

Hands-off parenting

The beauty of an ice rink is that it’s truly a hands-off parenting experience. The kids learn to really trust and listen to the coaches without running back to their parents or quitting early.

Bonus: Free skate rental

Because, at the rate kids’ feet grow, who wants to buy new skates every six months?
FMC Ice Sports offers great skating classes for all ages and experience levels, and in our experience, it’s especially good for true beginners. My son loves it, and it has inspired him with confidence to pursue more hockey.


  1. It was encouraging to read that there are classes that are small enough for the teachers to connect with each child individually! My 8-year old for 3 years has been begging me for him to learn how to skate in order to play hockey. I’ll be sure to talk to a professional to ensure that he gets on the ice as soon as possible!

  2. Boston certainly doesn’t lack for opportunities to enjoy snow in the winter! For most people who live here, though, it can take some effort to get people to go outside. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities in the city for winter enjoyment, such as outdoor ice skating at the Frog Pond.

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