‘RSVP’ to Stacey Peasley

We have partnered with Stacey Peasley to let you know about this great new CD!

Mom confession: I don’t really like listening to children’s music. In general, I find it to be grating and irritating. That’s why I was not only relieved but excited after listening to Stacey Peasley‘s latest CD, “RSVP.” Stacey’s music is different: It’s fun, it’s relatable, and it’s relevant. The strum of the guitar mixed with keyboard, percussion, singable lyrics, and memorable refrains just invites an instantaneous dance party. In fact, our new favorite family activity is to rock out to RSVP in our living room.


What makes Stacey Peasley’s music so magical is that it captures a wide range of emotions that both children and parents feel. All parents will appreciate songs like “Shoes,” where a mother asks her child to find their shoes and put them on because they’re running late. With it’s catchy refrain, “Where where where where where where are your shoes?” and lyrics such as, “Did you throw them in your hamper?/A stark raving lunatic, someone better find them quick/Mommy’s not a happy camper” put a much needed comedic spin on a situation that has driven every parent insane on a daily basis.

Stacey’s music deals with topics not usually covered in children’s music. She sings about real life challenges that children face, ranging from a child being worried that having a summer birthday means their friends won’t be able to make it to their birthday party (“RSVP”), to plotting to convince a parent to buy a new toy in the toy store when they’ve already said no (“Find A Way”). She also normalizes the less-than-glamorous realities of childhood. Kids suffering from seasonal allergies can commiserate with “Allergies,” while “Hand Me Downs” stresses that wearing hand-me-down clothing brings a community together: “Hand me downs/running through my family/hand me downs, rolling through my neighborhood/it feels so good/because we’re sharing, clothes and our pajamas/no one’s ever gonna want for more.” As a parent, it’s refreshing to see that Stacey literally gives a voice to these topics.

Someone is very excited to listen to “RSVP”!

My favorite song on “RSVP” is “Step Outside the Box,” which encourages little listeners to spread their wings and not let anything stand in their way. Stacey acknowledges to her young audience that “it’s hard to leave your comfort zone” while providing a very important life lesson: “Don’t worry about what others say/just make your move and lead the way.” This song is inspiring and uplifting, and hearing my daughter sing along to it makes me hopeful that she will one day realize the power and importance of its message.

And, to make the CD even more delightful, Stacey’s cover of “One and One Makes Two” is a sweet way to feel nostalgic about my own childhood while making it more accessible to my daughters. 

As a mother herself, Stacey understands the trials and tribulations of both parenthood and childhood, and her music reminds us to laugh and dance along the way.