Mommy Needs Her Run

run - Boston Moms

There are few things I can control during this pandemic. And there are few luxuries I am allowing myself. One of these luxuries? My run. I need my run.

My run is more than exercise. It is time for ME. When I am out of the house, I am not making a snack, cleaning up a snack, or being asked for another snack. I am not picking up another pair of socks off the floor or putting away a toy that I, quite frankly, just want to throw out.

My run is a time when my husband is primary parent. He gets to bond with the kids in his special way, and they get him all to themselves. My run is when I model for my girls the importance of taking time for yourself. It’s when I get the best goodbye hugs before I leave.

If I’m doing it right, my run is a time when I am not thinking about school reopening. I am not worrying about my kids’ mental health (or my own) — or the lack thereof. My run should be a time when I simply focus on my body and the beauty of the world around me.

My run shows my girls the importance of healthy exercise. I talk to my girls about my run, my progress, and my pitfalls. I model to them the importance of pushing oneself and also of knowing one’s body and when it tells you to slow down.

It’s no secret 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year. And we don’t know when we’re getting off the ride. My emotions have been all over the place. My thoughts are like the spinning teacups at Disneyland. I need my run even more these days than I ever have before. I need multiple runs, power walks, and breaths of fresh air. Mommy needs her run!

I’m sure you do, too.

But, do you let yourself? Please do.

Lindsay Goldberg is a working mom who then comes home and works there, too. She loves finding quick, healthy recipes to make for her family and lives for her Sunday morning escape to the gym. She has given up on trying to find balance, and is, instead focused on surviving and being Good Enough. Likes- books, family dance parties, morning snuggles, and drinking coffee when it's still hot. Dislikes- recipes with more than 10 ingredients or 10 steps, winter, and deadlines