Kids Love Podcasts Too! :: Family Podcasts I’m Loving Today

I love me a good podcast.

Some of my favorites can be found here, actually. What I never realized, though, is that podcasts are great for kids too! 

There are huge benefits of allowing children (and adults!) to listen to podcasts, which are essentially synonymous to the “old school radio shows” of the past. If used frequently, they can improve concentration, critical listening skills, and imagination. Attention and memory are also built over time in order to follow along with the story or episode. 

I went on a quarantine quest to find my favorite podcasts for kids, and I was totally unprepared for the amount of amazing material I found!

Here are some of my favorite family podcasts, most frequently used at lunchtime or during long car rides. 

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

family podcasts for kids - Boston Moms

Based on the hit book series, this podcast features stories about amazing women or girls. The stories are engaging, fun, educational, and downright inspiring.

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids

family podcasts for kids - Boston Moms

This podcast explores stories of science discovery that are fun for the whole family. As in, it’s tolerable for adults too.

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

family podcasts for kids - Boston Moms

Each show features one seemingly complex theme and contains several relevant kid-submitted questions.

Wow in the World

family podcasts for kids - Boston Moms

Based in science and technology, each episode discusses the latest news that captivates both kids and grown-ups. 

Noodle Loaf

family podcasts for kids - Boston Moms

This podcast is produced by a music education specialist and his daughter, and it focuses on rhyming, moving, singing, and playing musical games. It’s a silly compilation of songs, and it’s great for preschoolers.

Peace Out

family podcasts for kids - Boston Moms

This mindfulness podcast is great to help children calm down, or to listen to before bed. There are elements of meditation, yoga, and a lot of wonderful breathing exercises that help kids improve their emotional intelligence. I recommend starting at the beginning and working your way up to the most recent.

The Past and The Curious

family podcasts for kids - Boston Moms

This history podcast for kids shares amazing, inspiring, and relevant lessons with kids of all ages. It’s playful and funny and even has a quiz segment at the end.

Brains On!

family podcasts for kids - Boston Moms

Hosted by kid scientists, Brains On! is a podcast for curious elementary school aged kids. Each episode features one topic and answers questions submitted by kids. There is a specific episode on the coronavirus, which is helpful in explaining the virus in a kid-friendly way.


family podcasts for kids - Boston Moms

Classic fairytales have been re-imagined in this storytelling podcast. Natasha’s voice is calming, and the stories are cute and engaging. They’re perfect when your kids need a quiet but silly break.

Planet Storytime

family podcasts for kids - Boston Moms

This assortment of classic stories by famous authors is a mix of education and entertainment, perfect for elementary school students of all ages to improve their critical listening skills and imagination.

Props to former Boston Moms writer Rachel Brothers for her original article on podcasts for kids.


Chelsey is a Massachusetts girl through and through and currently resides on the North Shore on the New Hampshire line. In her former life, before motherhood, she was a teacher in a local high school, but now she's a stay at home mom who mostly cares for her child with special needs. She finds motherhood to be the hardest job she's ever loved and is very passionate about advocating for and educating people about neurodiverse children that may or may not also have physical or intellectual disabilities. In her "spare time" (which happens almost never) she likes to make hair bows, obsess about Disney, quilt, cook things that aren't dinosaur chicken nuggets and pretend she's good at taking artistic pictures.


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