How to Get Those Photos Off Your Computer!


Showcase your 2014 photos with a photo book

If you’re anything like me, you have hundreds (um, OK, thousands) of photos.





And, if you’re anything like me, most of them are sitting on your computer (or your phone), enjoyed by….no one.

This year I’m changing that….I’m creating a 2014 Yearbook to showcase our family’s vacations, adventures and highlights from last year. Not every single photo, mind you (dear God, I’d be doing this into 2019) but just my favorites, the ones that bring back special memories or really highlight a particular stage in my kids’ lives.

It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task…with a little planning, it can be accomplished in a few nap times or one evening with a glass of wine. The key is to get organized and the rest will fall into place.

First, you need to sort through your photos and choose which ones to use for your book. I created a 2014 folder on my desktop, and within that, a folder for each month (label your monthly folders “01”, “02”, etc. so they stay in chronological order).

As I scrolled through my albums in iPhoto, I dragged the photos I wanted to use into the folders for the corresponding months. Only choose your favorite photos–you don’t need 200 snaps from your week at the Cape; pick five that best tell the story of your vacation.

Once you’ve chosen your photos, pick a website to create your book–my favorites are Shutterfly, Blurb and Artifact Uprising. All offer a host of options, plus customizable pages and cover designs.

Start with your January photos and place no more than three or four photos on each page. I usually don’t add more than a quick sentence for a caption (we’re trying to get this done during naptime, remember?), and often I won’t enter a caption at all so that the photos can take center stage.

Pretty soon, voila! You’ve got a wonderful keepsake, and your kids will love to thumb through the pages and revisit their favorite moments from the last year. You may even consider ordering two copies–one for the coffee table for the kids to enjoy and one to keep on the shelf away from sticky fingers!