Horrifying Mother-in-Law Comments Revealed


We Boston Moms Blog contributors got together recently on a Saturday morning, and let’s just say, it didn’t take long to start swapping mother-in-law (MIL) horror stories. There is just something dreadful about the comments and parenting advice that comes from a MIL.

Let’s be honest — if you heard the same comment from your own mother or a friend and thought it was ridiculous, you’d just brush it off. BUT, from a MIL, it’s not so easy. The comment somehow manages to burrow its way through your skin, eat away at your confidence, and snag a piece of your heart.

For a good laugh, we’ve pulled together the most appalling comments we’ve heard. (And yes, we’re ready for the passive-aggressive emails and calls when our MILs get angry with this post!) Be sure to add your doozies in the comments.

The ridiculous

  • “You should let the kids swear. It helps to express feelings and improves a kid’s vocabulary.”
  • “Feed him sugar so he builds up a tolerance to sugar rushes.”
  • “You’re stunting his development by not giving him enough bath toys.” (Child was 1.)
  • “Eat pig’s feet soup to boost your breast milk.”
  • “You can never love a second kid as much. It’s unfair to have more kids.”

The anti-supporter

  • “You were supposed to be a girl!” (MIL says to grandson repeatedly.)
  • “I wouldn’t have a kid if I were you. You’ll just get fat again.” (MIL says to mom who had lost a lot of weight before starting a family.)
  • “He won’t remember any of this. He doesn’t even know what’s going on.” (Said by a MIL about taking a young child on vacation.)
  • “I never did that (insert: cry-it-out, baby-led weaning, time outs, etc.) and my kids came out great.”

The guilt tripper

  • “You’ll never be as good of a mom as you could be because you work.”
  • “I never put my kids in daycare. It’s just the choice we made.”
  • “If you keep holding him so much, he’ll never be independent.” (MIL has no relationship with her family.)
  • “I raised three kids without any help.” (Said by a MIL who will only watch one of three grandchildren at a time because it is too much for her.)

What about those comments from your MIL? Let’s hear ’em!