Haruhonpo Classic :: A Perfect Diaper Bag

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12341527_1529511697358939_2859295742989073245_nTo be quite honest, one of the things I most dreaded about having a second child was having to lug around the diaper bag again. With my oldest daughter, I had a behemoth of a bag. It was so large that I inevitably stuffed it to the brim, and then I couldn’t find anything in it. It was also heavy and bulky to carry around. When my second daughter was born, I tried using just a small purse with some diapers and some wipes, but that left me woefully underprepared and wasn’t a practical long term solution.

Enter the Haruhonpo classic diaper bag, which has been my saving grace. It’s amazing that one company somehow anticipated all my needs as a mother of two — and put it in one bag! What I love most about the Haruhonpo bag so far is that it helps me stay organized.

The bag comes with an additional small double-zippered case, where on one side I keep diapers and diaper cream, and on the other side I keep wipes and disposable bags for soiled diapers. The functionality of this case is phenomenal. I love having everything I need for a diaper change in one place without having to delve through my bag to find what I need. The inside of the diaper bag is lined with various sized pockets. All of my youngest daughter’s cloth items (burp cloth, extra change of clothes, swaddling blanket) go in the middle of my bag, along with the small doubleIMG_5093-zippered case. Every other item has a place in one of the pockets, such as my wallet, tissues, Aquaphor, extra hair elastics, snacks for me and my oldest daughter, chapstick, and my cell phone. With 14 different compartments, it’s easy to make sure everything has its place, and I have not once had to search through the bottom of the bag to find what I need. It’s a relief to always know where my wallet and phone are!

The bag is made with a soft, lightweight material that makes it very easy and unobtrusive to carry around. But, best of all, it meets all my needs. The shoulder strap is adjustable, so I’m able to carry it like a messenger bag, which I prefer, but it also has handles. There’s a strap so I can hook it to my stroller (I haven’t done that yet, but I know I will once springtime hits and we’re out and about more frequently!). And the side pockets are large enough to fit a one-liter Polar seltzer water, my preferred drink of choice. When my daughter leaked out of her diaper, I could throw her pants in theIMG_5096 interior waterproof pocket and not worry about them soiling her clean clothes. Basically, this bag is everything I need it to be!

While this diaper bag is incredibly convenient, I would love the opportunity to purchase a waterproof changing pad specifically made to fit the inside of the bag. The one I own is just too bulky, and if the company offered one, it would be an added bonus. But, in the grand scheme of things, it’s hardly a deal breaker. Overall, I’ve been thrilled with my Haruhonpo!

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