Four Podcasts for Busy Working Moms

The wonderful thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere — especially while multitasking. Whether it’s in the car during daycare dropoff, during a walk or workout, or while doing chores, it’s often easier to fit a podcast into our busy lives than it would be to read a book or magazine. We all know motherhood is easier when we share our experiences, and podcasts are a great way to learn more from all types of experts — and parents who have been there. Here are four mom-focused podcasts that are worth fitting into our busy days:

The Mom Hour

The Mom Hour started in 2015, so hosts Sarah Powers and Meagan Francis have covered it all, with episodes on nearly every aspect of motherhood — through all ages and stages. Their “More Than Mom” series covers all kinds of topics outside motherhood and feels like a chat with old friends. With more than 300 episodes (and counting), there truly is a Mom Hour for every situation.

Great episodes to start with:

Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds, hosted by author Laura Vanderkam and physician/blogger Sarah Hart Unger, focuses on balancing career goals with family life and features several great guest interviews that represent many different career paths and family structures. Laura and Sarah are very open about their own approaches to parenting, as well as how they make work and family life fit together. Each episode includes a “love of the week” and a listener question, as well as topics ranging from long-term career planning to travel with kids to childcare strategies.

Great episodes to start with:

The Double Shift

The Double Shift, with hosts Katherine Goldstein and Angela Garbes, takes a journalistic view of the issues that impact working mothers in America. There are so many complex issues that working mothers deal with, from navigating confusing parental leave policies (or lack thereof) to parenting children with special needs to juggling childcare in the COVID world. The Double Shift challenges the status quo of working motherhood and takes a hard look at the issues that impact so many of us.

Great episodes to start with:

No One Is Coming to Save Us

No One Is Coming to Save Us is a limited series hosted by Gloria Riviera, and featuring Kristen Bell, that focuses on the broken childcare system in America — and what it takes to fix it. The content is so timely, as the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed so many of the weaknesses and challenges of the American childcare system, and its impact on families — especially mothers.

Great episodes to start with:

Whether you’re looking to navigate a tricky parenting stage, get inspiration for setting career goals, or better understand current events related to parental leave and childcare, these podcasts can help!

Hannah grew up in Central Massachusetts, and now lives in the beautiful Berkshires, where she is thankful every day that she gets to live and work in such a beautiful place. Hannah has BS and MS degrees in engineering and has spent most of her career working as a manager in the manufacturing industry – where there are few women, and even fewer moms. Hannah met her husband in college when they were both volunteering at a food pantry. After graduating, traveling, and even living on opposite coasts for nearly two years, they were married in 2015, and welcomed a beautiful son in 2019. Hannah’s favorite thing about being a mom is seeing her son’s sense of humor blossom as he grows. A lifelong Girl Scout, Hannah enjoys camping, hiking, and working with young people, especially young women, to teach them about careers in manufacturing and engineering. She can often be found singing a cappella, listening to podcasts, and making lists. Likes: Vintage jewelry, fancy pizza, grocery shopping, organizing, cats, baseball, The Container Store. Not so much: Vacuuming, icy roads, sand.


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