For the Love of Pockets

Dear clothing designers,

Every time someone compliments a dress I am wearing, I respond, like clockwork, by lifting both arms high in the air and plunging both hands deep into the pockets of said dress, proudly proclaiming, “Thanks! It has pockets!” To which, my undoubtedly astonished compliment-ers respond, “Wow, that makes it even better!”

So here is my plea to you: Please, put pockets in more women’s clothing.

Personally, I love pockets because I wear an insulin pump. A pocket gives me a place to store my insulin pump that is not my waist or my bra. Both of those options are not unheard of by women with diabetes, but they are not comfortable for me. So for me, the pockets are a medical necessity of sorts. But that’s not all. Pockets are essential and functional. All women would benefit from pockets in their clothing.

A pocket is a great place to store cash for a tip at Dunkin’, Starbucks, or your favorite local coffee shop. A pocket is a great place to stash your phone so you can use your hands to wrangle a 2-year-old off of a playground and into her car seat, in spite of her best efforts to remain on that super awesome jungle gym. A pocket is the perfect place to keep your car keys when you don’t want to bring your purse into the store just to grab another jug of milk on your way home from work.

How many times have I found the most perfect pair of pants, only to raise my fists to the sky and curse the designer who decided that fake welt pockets belong on the bum instead of real pockets?! And yes, I get it, designers. A woman would never want the added bulk of a real pocket on her backside, except, yes, I do want that added bulk. And I don’t know if I’ve ever met another woman who thought a fake pocket was an ingenious idea. And seriously, how many pairs of men’s pants have fake pockets? I’ve never seen a single pair.

So today, I am calling all women, mamas or not, to join with me in demanding real pockets! And yes, I understand there are articles of clothing where pockets do not make sense. I’m not asking for pockets in every piece a designer creates. But when a pocket will work, and when a fake pocket seems like a good idea, please, for the love of fashion and functionality, include real pockets on women’s clothing. If athleisure companies can put pockets on leggings and they still look cute as heck, then I believe other clothing companies can do the same with shorts, skirts, pants, and dresses.

And women everywhere will rejoice.

Sarah grew up in Rhode Island and now lives in West Bridgewater, making brief stops in Quincy, Fall River, and East Bridgewater, along the way. She made the leap from Rhode Island to Massachusetts way back in 1999 when she decided to pursue a teaching degree at Boston University. She chose her career in 1987 and is currently teaching high school English to 10th and 12th graders, fulfilling a 6-year-old’s dream at the age of 22, a proclamation that often brings forth snickers from her students. She became a mother for the first time in 2016 to her daughter Cecilia, then doubled down in late 2018 with the birth of her second daughter, Adelaide. She currently lives with her husband, Jason, their dog, Nanook, their cat, Lanky, and six chickens. They share a home with her parents, who live above them and also provide the most amazing childcare for Ceci and Addie. Sarah couldn’t live without her family, her insulin pump (shout out to other T1D mamas), and Starbucks iced chai lattes. She could live without angry people, essay grading, and diaper changing.