Enough Is Enough: 6 Things You Can Do Now to Prevent Gun Violence

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Sometimes, as parents, we need to choose to go with love — or fear. We all try to go with love, because we have so much of it. Then we turn on the news or the radio, we check our Facebook feed, or we receive a text. It feels like every single day we are hearing about another atrocity tied to shootings and violence around the world.

We hug our children a little tighter, and then we make dinner and try not to worry too much. What else can a person do?

Well, here are six things you can do RIGHT NOW to make it better. Because the way things are right now is not OK.

1.  Join Moms (and Dads) Demand Action

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is a non-partisan grassroots movement to mobilize moms and families to advocate for stronger gun laws. You can donate, simply learn more, or even volunteer.

2. Vote!

Here we go — the upcoming presidential election is a mess and it isn’t even 2016 yet. But if I hear one more person say, “I am not that into politics,” I am going to crawl into the fetal position and lose it. Do your research, read up, and make a choice. Your kid’s world depends on it.

3. Sign up to support the White House in making further changes to gun laws here:


4. Be kind to strangers.

We teach our kids to be good to each other, but we also need to heed that advice. A smile to a stranger, holding a door, any way you can pay it forward and show some goodness could and does change the world.


5. Keep on parenting well.

You are exhausted — you are drowning in carpools, diapers, and more. But girl, you got this. All of your efforts are making this world a better place, and your kids are the ones who will help make it that way — but not without your awesomeness.

6. Check out the Prevention Institute.

The Prevention Institute brings cutting-edge research, practice, and analysis to today’s pressing health and safety concerns. The non-profit group is committed to prevention with a vision for change.