13 Outside-the-Box Gift Ideas for a New Mom

I have a confession to make. I don’t like purchasing gifts for friends off a registry. It’s probably because I love surprises, and gift registries are too easy of a way to ruin one. My usual strategy is to study a friend’s registry and then determine something that is not on there but I think she will love. And then she will actually be surprised when she receives it!

I understand this is a controversial approach. But as a third-time mom, I like to think I have a few tricks up my sleeve to offer. Whether you want to give a gift to a mom who is on her second or third newborn, or if you are like me and like to go rogue off the registry, try one of these outside-the-box gift ideas for a new mom!

Bathtub divider

This is such a great multi-use product. It creates a dam in your tub so baby has a more confined area to play and bathe. Better still, it saves a ton of water! The dam can be positioned at any point of the tub, so as baby grows, a larger bath space can be made. Another great use for the tub divider is when you have to soak dirty laundry (I don’t have a laundry sink). I put the bathtub divider in and I’m able to drown the clothes but not need to fill up the entire tub to do so!

Clean Hands diaper pad

Photo courtesy SnoofyBee.

What a nifty product. I don’t own this gadget but I think the idea is super handy! The divider pops up at about the baby’s belly, keeping them distracted and separated from the diaper changing happening below. We have had a few incidents of little hands “participating” in a diaper change. Yuck.

Yeti cup

Have you hopped on the Yeti train yet? They are so worth it. I suggest the 30-ounce version. Mom can fill her Yeti with hot coffee and still enjoy it hot much later. Yetis are also terrific at keeping drinks cold. Get her a cute, feminine color and a reusable straw and lid combo and it will be easy to drink up all the water a new nursing mama needs!


I don’t think this idea is too outside the box; however, I think it’s one of the best baby gadgets I use. If you can get past the concept of what you are doing, it really works. And no, the NoseFrida won’t make you eat snot. 

Netflix or Hulu Subscription

This one is a little tricky because it feels like so many people have a subscription, but if your recipient does not, how about gifting them a six-month or year’s subscription? Staying up all night with a needy baby feels slightly more tolerable if you are able to binge-watch a favorite show while doing so.

Carry out/delivery/Uber Eats gift cards

This one is pretty self explanatory. In addition to (or in lieu of) bringing some homemade treats to a new mom, give her some easy dinner options.


Deliciously indulgent slipper socks? Yes, please! Put together a cozy caddie for mom and make sure to add Snoozies! They come in so many fun and adorable patterns and colors. Snoozies are machine washable and perfect for getting cozy before and after the baby arrives!

Infantino Squeeze Station

Baby food making can be a contentious topic, but if you believe the new mama in your life will want to make her own baby food, this gadget is great! Prepared purees are poured through the squeeze station into sealable pouches for easy eating. Pair the squeeze station with a box of extra pouches, portable spoons, and a healthy baby food cookbook to make a perfect gift!

Resuable snack bags

You could go all in on a food-related gift and also give reusable snack bags. These are great for baby snacks like puffs, Cheerios, or cut up fruit. Mom is always the last one to eat, so she could fill up a bag with trail mix or granola and have it next to the feeding chair for nighttime snacking — or throw it in her diaper bag for on-the-go snacks for her, too! There are many environmentally friendly brands but I love these particularly adorable patterns.

Housekeeping service

If you are fairly local and/or can figure out who to hire, gifting a new mom a housecleaning session (or three — wink, wink!) is a very generous and out-of-the-box idea. 

Diaper wallet

Photo courtesy MyChubbyCheeksBaby via Etsy.

This is one of the most useful baby items I own. I shove wipes, bum cream, and a few diapers into it, and any bag I own becomes a “diaper bag.” It’s handy when we are out to eat and I need to change the baby. I just grab the diaper wallet and don’t have to haul my big bag with me. 

Amazon gift card with recommended reading list attached

Amazon gift cards are gold because Amazon basically owns the universe. But an Amazon gift card can also feel impersonal. By adding a recommended reading list, the gift becomes much more personal and touching. While I was nursing my babies, I found I actually had more time to read because I was able to read my Kindle one-handed while they ate. The soft glow backlight didn’t disturb my husband. I loved sitting quietly at night, nursing the baby and enjoying a good book.

Bath bonanza basket

Make a bath basket for both mom and baby. Put in her requested brands of bath products for baby from her registry but also add some fancy soaps, a pretty soy candle, or a face mask for her.

If you are looking for more ideas, check out Boston Moms Blog’s 12 Must-Haves for New Moms! Please share if you have any other great outside-the-box gift ideas for new moms!


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