10 Parent-Pleasing Kickstarters You’ll Want to Back Right Now

Boston is regularly ranked at the very top of the list of most innovative cities in America. Go us! To celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in our city, here are 10 awesome Kickstarter projects you’ll want to back right now.

Octopus watch


I want this so much, I’d give up sleeping in on the weekend in exchange for it — if I had that to give up in the first place. My almost-4-year-old is beginning to recognize the reality and significance of time, but he still can’t read a clock, and, of course, has no regard for schedules. This intro-smart watch tells kids when it’s time to play, eat, read, brush teeth, go to bed, all in kid-friendly pictorials. Sure beats me screaming, “Put on your shoes!” for the 100th time.

Pyke sunglasses for babies


The folks behind these sweet shades knows what’s up with kids’ sunglasses. They’re typically uncomfortable, hard to size, impossible to keep on your child’s face, and slide around so much that they don’t offer much protection anyway. Pyke aims to fix that with unbreakable, comfortable, full-coverage sunglasses for little ones.

Taga family bike

This is one expensive bike, but when you consider that it can pretty much stand in for your car in most instances, it starts to look reasonable. It can carry two kids in any weather and can be configured to carry any age from babies through big kids.

Solo by Como Audio


Here’s one created right here in Boston. This audio tech product isn’t made specifically with parents in mind, but I definitely want one in my house right now. My whole life is on my phone, and I have a hard time putting it down when I’m at home — especially since I have to control the kitchen Bluetooth speaker with it. Solo by Como Audio will stream Spotify, Pandora, internet radio, or personal music files straight from the Hi-Fi speaker — no phone required. That would go a long way to helping me step away from the screen and be more present for my kids.

Invidyo monitor

Invidyo is a monitor that uses facial recognition technology to intuit how your child is doing throughout the day, reducing the need to sift through hours of recorded video. As I’m considering in-home nanny care for my kids, this is a really attractive option. As a nice little bonus, it generates a daily “magic moments” clip and snaps pictures when the child smiles to help parents feel close to their kids while they’re away.

Allo NICU app


Fund this one right now, y’all! This awesome app aims to facilitate closer connections between hospital staff and parents of babies in the NICU. We all know someone who has a NICU graduate. Those parents often feel exhausted, stressed, lost, and in the dark not being able to be with their baby around the clock. Allo helps keep them up to speed with their child’s care and condition.



Um, build robots with drinking straws? Yes, please. This is like my dream from 4th grade come true.


The Internet is an awesome and terrifying place. And since my 3.5-year-old already knows how to run programs, use apps, and navigate devices, I can see how he will soon surpass me in internet savvy. But I’m still the mom. I still get to decide what’s appropriate and inappropriate material. That’s why Torch exists — to create a safe online experience for kids. I’m going to be looking into options before my kids hit double digits. Lord help me.

Hero Bottle

hero bottles

While our Playtex Drop-Ins work just fine for us, these bottles look so great I might be willing to give them a try. I love the anti-clump filter and the modular system to take dry formula along (especially handy on flights).

David Motola’s Lullaby Album

lullaby album

As if we needed another reminder of the power of social media, David Motola (piano-loving dad of YouTube fame) is crowdfunding a lullaby album. Who can forget his adorable kiddo falling asleep to dad playing the keyboard? If his album can work that magic on my kids, I’m all in.