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It happened as soon as the calendar changed to March. We ran out of tissues for the umpteenth time this winter. The ads for spring and summer clothing began to pop up in my inbox. One particularly difficult morning of hunting down sock number six (of the three pairs I need to match) did not end in success. And we lost yet another pair of gloves (that we had found together the day before).

I, along with I’m sure every other mother in states that have brutal winters, am done. Beyond done. From today and beyond, I am on a clear path to spring.

Never mind the nor’easters that tend to pop up all the way through March, involving massive snow, power outages (and being displaced from homes as a result), and more need for warm coats, scrambling to find gloves and hats, and remembering to pack the snow pants.

That said, there’s always hope that this milder weather will stick and that days spent outside for hours are just around the corner. There is hope that March, which came in like a bit of a lion with its foot of snow, will go out like a peaceful, gentle dove, segueing into a perfect summer.

I thought I might share with you what I’m excited about the most this spring, which can happen at any time, just you wait. My fingers are crossed!

1. Transitioning from boots to flip flops (no more searching for matching socks every single day).

2. The end to the vicious cycle of winter illnesses that are constant in my house (we’re so done with you, stomach bugs, flu, and never-ending coughs).

3. Flowers, colorful birds, and butterflies appearing everywhere. My boys love picking whatever they can find growing in our yard and bringing them to me, and I’m excited that my toddler can join in with his brothers this year.

4. Long walks after school that involve lots of running, playing, and pure joy, which also equals easier bedtimes and more relaxation for all (one can hope!).

5. Losing track of time with friends when at the playground.

6. Ice cream — both going out for it and following the jingle of the ice cream man’s magical truck, deciding on a whim that it’s a treat to be had because the day is so beautiful.

7. Being able to wear shorts! My 5-year-old is always overjoyed when he is allowed to wear shorts to school and beyond. (He asks to do so year-round!)

8. Sunsets that start to happen closer to 7 p.m. and get later as we inch closer to summer — and basking in the glow of delight that comes from witnessing a sunset outdoors. 

9. Reading books outside under the huge oak tree in the park, imagining the settings of stories amongst the backdrop of birds chirping, water flowing from the fountain, and the breath of fresh spring air.

10. Sunny moods, smiles, and giggles from morning until night, because of all of the above.

Happy spring to all!


Kate came to New England for college a decade and a half ago, and fell in love with all things Boston. She is the mom of two beautiful baby boys, ages 2.5 & 10 months, and loves watching them explore this lovely area of the country, experiencing Boston through their eyes. Heart-filling: spending time with my family, spontaneous hugs, kisses and “I love you Mommy” from my boys, reading great books, fall in New England, the Adirondacks, golden retriever puppies (don’t have any yet!), coffee, champagne, and serendipity. Can do without: Boston traffic, inconsiderateness, never-ending winters and stir-craziness.