Thank you, Dorel Home Products, for sponsoring this post and for creating sleep-friendly furniture!
Tucking this DHP sleeper sofa into a nook in my house has increased and improved our family’s sleeping options — so much more comfortable than crashing on the living room sofa!

We play a lot of “musical beds” in my house. When my 5-year-old broke his elbow a few months ago and was awake all night in pain, he joined me in my bed, sending my husband down to the couch to sleep. When the grandparents come to visit, my 2-year-old gives up his room and relocates to a pack and play in our bathroom (and the guests sleep on an air mattress that barely fits next to the crib). When my husband had a hacking cough for a few nights, I left in a huff to try to catch some Zs on the couch. And when it was time to train our 2-year-old to use his OK to Wake clock and not wake us up at 5:30 a.m. every day, my husband retreated to the couch for a week to be in close proximity to the toddler’s room.

No one loves sleeping on the couch. Or the air mattress. But spare beds and guest rooms are hard to come by when you live in Boston. With real estate prices as they are, most of us use every square foot of our houses every day — it would be impossible to dedicate a room for guest use a handful of times a year.

So imagine my delight when I was tipped off to the Dorel Home Products website — chock full of sleeper sofas and futons that are actually stylish and, as it turns out, comfortable. Before ordering my sleeper sofa, I was skeptical. The sleeper sofa in my childhood home was hideous, the mattress was thin and springy, and the metal bed corners were downright dangerous. And any futon I’d slept on in the past had been equally uncomfortable, with thin mattresses, ill-fitting sheets, etc.

But I was intrigued by the product description — memory foam mattress! Independently encased coils! — and the company’s stellar reviews on Amazon. I was impressed with the variety offered on DHP’s site and was really pleased with the modern design of so many of the sofas and futons. I went with the Devon blue linen sleeper sofa, which comes with the Memoir CertiPUR-US certified memory foam mattress. I was drawn in by the sofa’s clean lines and the navy blue linen, which means it fits in seamlessly with my existing decor.

The sleeper sofa also comes in grey, as seen here in a photo from the company’s website.

The sofa was easy to assemble (once we got the giant box up our narrow stairs) — it took maybe 15 or 20 minutes. Pulling the bed out and putting it back in takes less than a minute. When sitting on the sofa, the couch cushions are firm but not uncomfortable. And the mattress is great — definitely better than any sleeper sofa or futon mattress I’ve ever slept on. (If you have an amazing mattress on your regular bed, don’t expect this sleeper sofa mattress to beat it, of course.) You cannot feel the bars under the mattress, thank goodness, and the product, overall, seems very well made.

Here it is, fully extended. Sleek, right?

One of the other “perks” of going with this DHP sleeper sofa is the accompanying sheets. It seems that futon and sleeper sofa mattresses often are not an exact match to the typical twin/full/queen bed sizes, so sheets end up being either too big and bunchy or too small and they pop up on the corners. But these sheets fit just right, and they’re super soft!

These sheets are luxuriously soft — and a perfect fit for DHP’s sleeper sofas and futons.

I’m thrilled to have a great sleeping option for our nightly round of musical beds that looks great, is comfortable, and is a significant improvement from the couch!

Ashley is a Virginia native who moved to Boston — sight unseen — for a library science graduate degree she’s never exactly used. Within a year, she met her husband, a nerdy but handsome health economist. They planted roots in Arlington, MA, had three baby boys (2012, 2015, 2021), and entered the world of foster parenting in between. Ashley spends her days picking up Legos, freelance writing and editing, swimming at Walden Pond, and binge eating dark chocolate in the pantry when her kids have their backs turned.


  1. This is great to know about. Most families, especially those with younger kids, are looking for multi-use furniture. Sleeper furniture has traditional been kind of bulky, unsightly, and unfortunately for those sleeping on it, usually not the best. rest. These look and sound like great alternatives to keep in mind.

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