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When my twins were born, I wondered how we would ever be able to navigate life with them and my son, who was 20 months old at the time. It has been 10 months, and with a lot of trial and error we have learned how to enjoy all of our favorite activities with three little ones in tow. With summer gearing up and so many places to visit, here are our techniques for getting around with kids — three under 3, for us!


Babywearing is our favorite option when there is a lot to see but not a lot to touch, like the aquarium. It gives our babies a great view, and they are usually content. When I am going to a more toddler-oriented activity by myself, I will wear both babies to have my hands free to help my toddler. We used the Weego Twin when the babies were tiny. I have heard great things about TwinGo and Naked Panda Designs from other tandem-babywearing moms. Some are front-to-back carriers, and some can be divided into two separate carriers! 

When I have a second adult with me, we each wear one baby to lighten the load. We usually keep at least one single carrier handy (we use our Ergo left over from our singleton) regardless of how we decide to travel — and we often decide to use it on the fly.

It does help to still have at least a single stroller handy to hold our bags and to be there in case the third child gets tired of walking… unless you want to get really ambitious and wear all three! 

Triple stroller

My triple stroller is my go-to when I am taking all three kids somewhere by myself. My favorite is the Valco Baby. For a triple, the Valco is easy to push without being too bulky. The storage is decent, and it easily fits through doorways. We also tried the Joovy Big Caboose but found it to be a tight squeeze in the trunk of our SUV (even with the third row down). The storage is also difficult to access and, worst of all, it is so heavy to push! As a friend put it, pushing that stroller around the mall will build enough muscle to tear a phonebook in half by the end of your trip!

Another good option is adding a glider board to a double stroller. We used the Junior X-Rider, which can be used with a seat or a glider. Our toddler didn’t like the seat, as he likes to look around and could not see well in it. He also still dozes off in the stroller on occasion, which is not too comfortable in this seat. If you use an added glider, you may need to add a handle bar extender. If you are looking for a solid double stroller with a ride-on board, we know many people who rave about their Donkey strollers for three kids!

Using a triple stroller helps keep everyone contained and safe, but it also makes it easy for all three kids to get in and out when necessary. We opt for the triple stroller in places where there may be a lot of walking but we also know the kids will want to get out to explore, like the zoo or park. Just be prepared for lots of stares and questions!

Double and single stroller

Using two strollers is possible, but in our efforts to minimize the amount of luggage we carry around, this is the option we use the least. This, of course, only works when you have a second person with you. However, it is great for places you know you will need to “divide and conquer” if everyone wants to go in a different direction, such a big shopping trip or a theme park.


This option isn’t ideal for infants, but once those babies are sitting independently, a wagon could be a great choice! We’ve never made the wagon investment, but there are so many options to consider!


This really depends on how old the children are and whether they will stay nearby. Right now, only our toddler is walking, and he is hit or miss with wandering. When we are going somewhere without a lot of ground to cover, such as a touch-a-truck, he walks. We will either wear the babies or take them in the stroller. Having the stroller with us (versus babywearing) gives us a place to put the diaper bags, snacks, drinks, etc.

As new parents, we never expected to have lengthy discussions about getting around with kids when we were preparing for an outing. It took a lot of experimenting, but the ability to get out and enjoy festivities together as a family is a gift we are thankful for — even if it requires practice, patience, and a large toolkit of baby-transporting devices!

This post was originally published in 2017 but was updated in 2023 to include newer links and ideas!