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Budgets are tight, and we’re all feeling the weight of the many extra expenses for families. Grocery shopping is a prime example of this — it’s difficult to walk the aisles of the grocery store without feeling sticker shock at the prices we’ll pay for the staples we rely on to feed our families! We all want to save money on groceries, right? Enter Flashfood App — a simple new way to shop the best grocery deals right from your phone.  

Boston Moms is here to break down how to use the app to get fresh produce, meat, and more — at up to 50% off!

Download the Flashfood App and create your account. Search for your local grocery store and see the deals available for the day. Every day new items are added to the app! Simply add items you want to purchase to your cart, then check out. Then show up at your local store to pick up your order! Each store has a unique Flashfood pickup area, so be sure to check with the customer service counter if you are unsure of your local store pickup location. It is really that simple.

Besides saving you some cash, you are also preventing food waste. Many of the items for sale on the Flashfood App are nearing the “best by” date. These food items would typically be thrown out, creating more waste and increasing the methane gases that affect our local environments. To date, Flashfood has been able to divert more than 90 million pounds of food from landfills!

Here are a few tips and tricks from local moms for using Flashfood, saving money on groceries, and preventing good food from going to waste!

Freeze the meat: Flashfood often offers meat that is nearing its “best by” date. When you bring your order home, you can place it in the freezer to have on hand for future meals — it’s a great and economical way to stock up your freezer!

Try something new: There may be items you’ve never considered buying before. Or maybe there’s a food you’ve wanted to try but weren’t interested in paying full price. Flashfood is a great opportunity to try a new vegetable or cut of meat!

Check other stores: Does your kid have a sports game or activity in a different town? Check the Flashfood app and see if a new to you store has different options. 

Donate to your local food pantry: There are often canned goods available on the Flashfood app. You can purchase these items at a deep discount — then drop them off at your local food donation center!

Download the Flashfood App to start saving and enjoy more — for less.

Use the code BOSTONMOM for $5 off (an order of $7 or more) for new shoppers off your first order

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