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Have you ever felt overwhelmed walking into a baby store? Do you suddenly feel short of breath, confused, and like you don’t have a clue, so you may as well just stop trying to be a great parent now? Yeah. We’ve all been there. This experience is what moved Cameron and Jacque Muir to create The Baby Cubby — a baby store like no other, on a mission to empower parents everywhere by supplying knowledge and inspiring confidence.

The Baby Cubby wants you to be excited and ready for whenever your little decides to arrive. That’s why they’ve curated every piece of baby gear they carry. They read every review, check customer service results, look at safety track records, and train their Cubby Moms on each and every product. Plus, they adore interacting on social media and their Cubby Community Blog, where they produce content that not only educates, but uplifts and inspires with real stories from real moms who are doing exactly what you’re doing — the mamahood life every day!

So, what about all the mamas out there like you who want to benefit from all of this fantastic information? The Baby Cubby has just the thing for you — in-depth and well-researched baby gear guides! Their most recent guide is perfect for any mom, new or experienced, who is looking for this essential piece: the diaper bag.

The Baby Cubby’s Diaper Bag Buying Guide identifies five considerations to keep in mind when on the hunt for your perfect bag: functionality, style, size and weight, carry options, and fabric. Check out highlights below from this expert guide, and then peruse the full, in-depth guide for yourself! Your friends will think you know everything about diaper bags after you read it — trust us.


Any experienced mom will tell you that function is everything when it comes to your bag. Why? Because you are soon going to have an infant who will need things quickly. So, the perfect diaper bag will be large enough to fit everything in an organized manner — and with quick access! You can test this by stuffing the bag while at the store. Find similar items to what you would usually put in your bag (for our list of items, check out the full guide!), and then carry it around the store. Try to access the items with one hand (as you would if you were holding your baby). Is it easy? Does the bag fall off your shoulder? Do you like how it is organized?


Style is special and unique to every woman! Luckily, there are many different bags to choose from, and each comes with different features. The most common styles are traditional diaper bags and purse-hybrids.

Generally speaking, a traditional diaper bag will allow for tons of pockets and organization panels that will come in handy every day; however, they can end up looking a little bulky depending on the size.

Purse-hybrids focus more on combining style with hidden pockets and organizational panels; but, with all of it being hidden, you tend to have less real estate for large, bulky items.

Ultimately, to choose your perfect style you have to evaluate what ratio of style to function fits your lifestyle!


Size and Weight

These two features are probably the most important functions of your diaper bag, but they’re often the most overlooked.

Think of the activities you do. Ideally, you want a bag that is small enough to not get in the way of your everyday errands, but large enough that you can stuff it for those day trips to the zoo. That’s a lot to ask! Our advice? Find a bag that is medium sized with lots of organization options. These options will allow the bag to “expand” in some ways for long day trips where you need a few extra supplies!

Now, when we talk about weight, consider that heavy bags are usually made from extremely durable materials (think leather, glazed canvas, etc.) that will stand the tests of time and toddlers. Evaluate how much you are going to be taking with you on a regular basis, and carry that weight in the bag around the store. If you can comfortably carry that bag for more than five minutes, you’re golden!

We hope this guide will set you on the right track for finding the bag that will do it all. We know a diaper bag is a personal and difficult choice — even though it seems like it shouldn’t be. Not to worry, though — we will be there to help you every step of the way!


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